Make mining survival knives easier to Get

From what i’ve seen, Survival knives can only be obtained by being a miner, from some lavaland Ruins, or cargo, (the ones ordered from cargo look like garbage.) this means that if you change your job to miner you can’t get one. it would be better if they were included in the conscript kit at the mining vendor or were in the mining lockers.


To be fair - they are absolutely useless

Yeah, but they look infinitely better than the cargo ones. It would probably make more sense to make them both look the same, since they already have the same name

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Bone daggers have the same stats. If you are just after the aestetics… well, I dunno then.

Can you attach the other knives to the KA?

The only reason I’d ever want another survival knife is to have both KAs look the same for muh autism.

You can attach bone daggers and the purchased knives to KA. They are exactly the same as standard survival knives, mechanically.