Make mailman a full job

I don’t even remember if we have mailman as a gimmick role or not but we have the outfit, I love the addition of mail on the cargo shuttle and I want to rp as a mailman. C’mon make it happen!

(inb4 funny postal fan jokes)


I believe Pigeon is doing that?


PLEASE link me the pr if that’s the case

i don’t know which server has this but being a mailman/wearing the mailman uniform should let you tag yourself with the delivery tagger and take full advantage of the disposal system


No, it’s going to be one of the responsibilities of Cargo Techs.

Why give it its own job when there’s a department full of people who barely have any job to do already.


Booooo! We’re just letting the outfit rot!

Also during my time playing CT (2nd or 1st most played job) I was always busy, maybe I’m built different or you’re tweaking


You can still have an outfit added to vendor I’m sure lol

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that makes sense, yeah. i think i just like the concept of a mailman in a futuristic space station. the outfit + mail system would probably be more than enough :muscle: :+1: :+1:


Also, the last few rounds I played just had the CTs either dump the mail right outside of Cargo or call me up (an assistant who asked to deliver mail) to deliver it. At most, I only had the QM sort the mail for me then run back to do Cargo stuff.

From what I’ve seen and played, CTs don’t care about the mail.

CTs don’t care about cargo responsibilities. They’re just there for weapon crates. It breaks their heart when i deny their roundstart autorifle order every shift


I feel if you wanna have smaller gimmick things like this, just roll assistant and ask HoP for a custom job title. Most HoP’s I’ve talked with are happy to give them out if you have set goals (I’ve gotten titles like Butcher, Herald, Barkeep, etc.) and it’s maybe an extra 5 minutes at round start.

Or just port alternative job titles like TG has so you can have “Mailman” as your CT title.


some servers have alternate job titles, if someone ported that you could have a cargo tech titled as mailman or Post Officer if you want to stay gender neutral

you could also just play cargo techy and rush the mail suit roundstart

Role-specific antagonist item: 20tc The Mil Kman Set, Includes: Milkman Clothe Set, Crate of Explosive Milk-atovs. In honour of my firend big harri oliver who got apperance banned for using the name Mil Kman


There’s no reason to add a mailman

we have disposal pipes for mail which cargo operates

if you want to play mailman just play cargo

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