Make logs visible to the players like Hippie Statbus

It’ll make it less of a hassle to handle shit basically. Worked wonderfully on hippie


I feel like this would be a good idea. If players are scared that their issue will get overlooked because the admin doesn’t bother, doesn’t properly check the logs or for some other reason then the player could look at the logs themselves and show it directly to them.
Of course, they’d also need to give the logs of the other player, or else evidence may get hidden.

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Not happening unless full replays happen - logs paint an incomplete picture and will be used to both wrongfully witch-hunt other players as well as being used against admins by seeking what isn’t logged for abuse.
Folks already find things that aren’t logged and abuse it without direct access to them.


I doubt our logs are much different from hippie’s or tg’s.

Just patch more stuff to be logged?

This really isn’t a good excuse since anyone could just boot up their own private server to check what is and isn’t locked.

You have both addressed one half of what I said - I’m aware particularly dedicated shitters can already figure out precisely what is and isn’t logged. A rather prominent member of the community has been trying to figure out exactly what is and isn’t and tried to leverage the information of knowing something isn’t logged into getting a ban reduction.

The thing is, right now it’s only particularly dedicated shitters have access to that. Public logs make it easy access for all of them.

This half has not been addressed.
Don’t like someone? Just dig through their logs until you find an incomplete story that looks like they’re the bad guy. Maybe they won’t remember enough to defend themselves?

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looks like it didn’t work so wonderfully when hippie is dead.

This fucking argument gets said every single time hippie is mentioned.

Okay, yes, hippie died. But that does not mean literally every single feature contributed to it’s death. Especially not things like the statbus.


Here’s how to solve this. Fire up the game. Hit the little cog on the chatbox. Click save logs. Problem solved.

I do not understand what is the problem with the logs? was very useful for me back when I was making player reports, defending myself as an admin, and citing logs for ban appeals and ban request as an admin. It’s accessible to players and you can only view all the logs in the round as a PLAYER. Including antags and attack logs. As an admin, I believe you can do more. I doubt any sane player would post edited logs BUT I didn’t suggest this to completely remove the workload for the admins, of course, they should still investigate. The statbus for Hippie Station is as easy as it seems. Press a round ID and press LOGS: ORIGINAL. Now since Hippie Station is dead and sometimes some rounds have no players some of these won’t work. But when I was playing when it wasn’t dead, all logs worked. It would look something like this
and this would be the attack logs for example

How about having people choose if they want to automatically record every round on a video, and set when those recordings get deleted? That way when more evidence is needed there’s an actual recording.
Maybe make some kind of plugin for OBS or some other recording software that’s automatically preconfigured to only record Byond and stops when close the window.

If everyone recorded themselves while playing, reports would be so easy to manage I can’t even imagine it.

Funny you say that I’m starting a youtube channel for veteran players and noobs alike and selling my secrets and soul for a little bit of fame. Just need to find the right software

Would a plugin be possible to make to auto record, story and auto delete?

As a part of byond? Almost certainly not. There’s tons of recording software out there that can record everything that happens in a specific window without catching the rest of your desktop though.

I meant like a 3rd party software that detects when Byond has opened a window, and then records that window until you close it again.

TG have public logs too, no?