Make floating text appear for blind characters

I’ve been playing blind characters on TG and now Bee for kicks. On TG your “sight” distance is the same, however you can see floating text above people’s heads when they talk.

Notice, you can see the text in the chat window normally if you’re in hearing range (you’re blind not deaf). But this is orders of magnitude more difficult to follow.

TG also shows footsteps if they’re hearable (they show up as white feet in the blackness) but the text thing to me sounds like it might be an easy change.


Please. I quit playing one of my blind characters recently and this might be something that could bring me around to playing him again.


this would rock, I end up welder blinded relatively often as a moth.

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scream in the eternal void for a coder
hire kiemin as a representitive to boost your odds
steal crusty socks from your familly as payment if you must

alas until done there is only 1 solution… wyci

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