Make Beam Weapons Researchable

Currently, Beam Weapons are not researchable on the R&D Console. This means that Roboticist can not make the Peacemaker Disabler without getting very lucky. Without access to the Disabler, the Roboticist has absolutely no access to any sort of weapon to arm his mechs with by himself. This results in almost no armed mechs being produced since the risk far outclasses the reward.

While i cant claim to speak for the devs or whatever
im pretty sure this is intentional design
we moved all the weapons to the sec lathe for a reason


Of course you can’t. You should not be allowed to make a combat mech armed with multiple weapon types at your own discretion. We already sometimes suffer from security printing things they are not allowed to have.

Don’t worry about it, Roboticists and even Security should not have weapons

most mech weapons are discover locked, meaning exploration has to find disks with them

you also cannot print them from the mechfab, it’s from the autolathe

Is the wiki not updated to point that all weapons are now on the sec-lathe?

Basically any type of weapons for combat mechas got moved to sec-lathe only to prevent roboticists giving away 20 gygax with full deadly weapon, i recommend you give a read to Roboticist Standad Operating Procedure

Most scenarios where a combat mecha is needed require authorization from RD/HoS/Captain to have it armed

Not true. Most mech weapons are not discover locked, only Beam Weapons are.

Meanwhile, on TG…

On SR, Roboticist is doing your job with security constantly breathing down your neck in case you start making mech weapons. I would not want sec doing that on Bee, as well.

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