Make a 3rd Beestation but even better

I think, since we cant whitelist MRP, what if we made a SECOND MRP that WAS whitelisted. I believe based on some things I heard earlier, that we could do this pretty easily. If I am right, the server is running on a i9, which is 8 core, and BYOND (being the shit engine it is) only uses one core, and thus in theory, we could have 8 goddamn servers on the machine. So far I believe we have 5(?), those being, LRP, MRP, NSV13, and a testing server I heard people like qwerty use (100% totally not for a coderbus ERP session), and thus should easily be able to host a 6th server on the box which would be this 3rd beestation.

MRP and The Cool Kids MRP.
Honestly I’m neutral towards this though it would make for a good safe haven from the UNPURGED TIDE SCUM. something something zamasu

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yeah basically, and maybe actually enforce the rules a bit harder (and easier cause lowerpop hopefully)

I’m on board getting the shitters out of MRP as well, but I don’t think this is the way to go about it. Players shouldn’t have to prove themselves before being allowed to play on the server.

The only thing MRP needs is rule enforcement to improve the situation. Maybe more restrictions before you can be a head of staff but not before you can play entirely

honestly though the shitters in MRP apparently don’t even read, they added big red fucking text link the the MRP rules ye they are still broken basically hourly, a simple whitelist with like, a checkbox confirming “hey you have high enough IQ to read the fucking rules” would likely filter a good amount of shitters out

it would be more like a checkbox saying you read them than a whitelist, is what I mean. It would also give the admins an excuse to enforce harsher punishments, as you should have read the rules atleast somewhat closely

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A prompt with link and checkbox to confirm reading of the rules isn’t a whitelist to me, but I’d be fine with that on both servers for sure. Makes the rules really easily accessible too

Edit: you ninja’d me with that second post lol

honestly though, if that doesnt work, maybe a bit more of a in the way whitelist that isnt a checkbox would work, such as like, having to fill in a few bits of info and actually saying “I have read the rules fully and will follow them” type whitelist that I have seen some servers do

oh yeah and another thing, when MRP at the very first actually started, you had to ping crossedfall to get in, although this was considered “beta MRP”, and probably was more of a like, do I even like you enough for you to get in

It should be unlisted on BYOND hub.


give money more staff new server

give PS4 admin more power


just add admin consistency
and remove the bullshit rules

hmm yess today i will permaban fighterslam for IC theft because of his notes :flushed:

admin consistency

that is basically impossible with how little admins beestation has
also what the hell did you steal to get permaed again for the infinityth time

PLS mrp makes it so much easier to learn roles BUT NOT WHEN BUTTFUCKING LRPERS END THE ROUND IN 30 MINUTES

also it should be hrp whitelist idk if you justify a duplicate server just for ppl who want whitelist

beestation extreme role play when


There’s already not enough admins, making a 3rd server would make it worse (maybe not if it has a whitelist). But if LRP truly dies, why not try turning it into HRP for some time and if people like it, keep it HRP. If they dont idk make the LRP gamemode sandbox or some wacky shit

I’ll support anything that turns Sage into MRP.

Sage isn’t MRP right now, and without admin intervention, it will never be.

While the server does run on a i9 core (I believe), the server also has to run everything else,

  • BeeBot
  • The Forums
  • The Website
  • The Wiki
  • The DB (DataBase, so everyone’s playtime, characters, bans, etc.)

And is has to do that for ~100 players everyday

That’s why when a big boom happens on either server, BeeBot can take a while to respond.