[Mails.z] banned by [yoshimiwastaken]

Title: [Mails.z] banned by [yoshimiwastaken]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
9999-01-01 12:00
Ban Date (2021-08-13 15:16):

Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Mob spam as RD is unacceptable. This is a permanent ban pending an appeal on forums due to both the attitude presented to me and the disconnection partway through the ticket

Appeal Reason:
I leave because the round have ended, I have to go get a vaccine and I already made my point, and He was taking a long time between replies. I was mad while responding because I already have this conversation with several other admins how eventually have given me the reason. This usually go as: I spawn NEUTRAL xenocreatures, admin belief they are dangerous and they can kill crew. I say: no they can’t. They test it and they find that no the xenocreatures dosen’t atack crew even when provoked. Xenocreatures only atack hostile entities like wild carps or xenomorfs.
I usaly only spawn this creatures in space so no admin bother me. This time I spawn then In departures a long time before the shuttle arrive far away of anybody else. But a stupid carp must haved spawned after I did and they broke departures. I personaly fixed all holes to the vacum.

I also got mad at the admin because he made some dumb proclamation about the dangers of my actions. He proclaim that the xenocreatures can fight between themselves threatening crew and a little mistake can make them attack. NO THEY DON’T.
There are only 2 spawnabole creatures that are hostile. The heart and the goose. I consider this a code mistake. They are barely any treat to anybody because they usually attack other xenocreatures that does not defend themselves, and also they make very little damage. In this occasion 2 hearts spawned, I killed them as soon as they did.
With the mistake he may be AGAIN proclaiming that xenocreatures attack back when attacked which would be very dumb for him to believe, or he may refer to when you spawn mobs you may mes up and use plasma instead of blood which I object been a reason to not do it.

This is the firs time I hear that mob spawn is unacceptable, The wiki don’t said so.
I will only further spawn xenocreatures again in spaces to avoid admin how don’t understand xenobiology or limited during swarmers or xenomorfs infestations.
and I dare the admin to tell me how I risked anybody live spawning neutral entities.

Additional Information:
I really wasn’t specking he would permaban me, nobody died and I think I made clear I will only further spawn mobs in spaces.

Because they can and do when anyone, even accidentally, attacks them. One stray disabler = mass pandemonium.

Mob spam is also just bad in general anywhere uncontained on the station. We have someone who was eventually removed for doing it excessively in space as well, because while they are contained at the moment the same thing applies.

It doesn’t matter how desolate departures is now, at one point in the round it becomes the most populated area on the station, as nearly the entire living crew passes through it. This is one of the WORST areas to do something like this.

You are incorrect. The mobs only START neutral. If ever poked, they will retaliate and it ALWAYS cascades from there as people try to help the poor soul under attack.

Spawn them in containment, in Xenobiology, not in space. Spawning mobs outside of containment should be limited and have a good roleplay reason behind it.

Here is your past precedent. A player with a history of doing this being banned for it.

Additionally, not every single possible infraction needs to be forbidden on the wiki, and it’s totally impractical to try and hit them all.

If an admin says it’s bad in the round, it’s bad. If you disagree and feel they are 100% wrong, file a report to complain

No man, gold slime neutral xenobiology creatures really don’t fight back when attack. It use to say they did on the wiki, but it was fix.

The reason to spawn then was to get magicarps I got one of teleport and one of dead how I asked to follow the captain orders.

I really didn’t know I was notified to not spawn them in departures I don’t know If I didn’t remember or I wasn’t present when I was notified so I gets I should be ban.

Why the hell I can’t spawn mobs In spaces. Spawn them in containment takes forever. I want be able to test them in open areas and they don’t bother anibody there.

Wanted to add something, after a bit of testing blood to gold slime extract spawn does indeed dont agro at all, only few like mailsz said do (i spawned heart and it insta agro), ive tried to attack both mob and the summoner, no agro. But they can be agroed by mob spawned by plasma to gold slime extract.

Maybe theres some more to this that i miss but after my short test i can only see that mailsz is kinda right on his claim on the agro part, i have no comment about the place he did that tho.

This would be something that used to be true and was changed at some point then. They absolutely did used to fight back, and not just one but usually the entire mob.

If they would work as you proclaimed, I would have been ban for killing 12 players and turning departure in a slaughterhouse.

My apologies for the slight delay in reply, I was taking a break and enjoying some of the more peculiar roblox maps in the arsenal.

Firstly, the issue itself, the mob spawn. I do want to apologize due to the fact that Velvet herself (himself? Theirself?) pointed this out to me after my own stupidity in not being familiar with the way Gold slime spawns work. However what I find frustrating is the blatant lie in your defense. You claim that “This is the firs time I hear that mob spawn is unacceptable, The wiki don’t said so.”

The Standard Of Procedure says, and I quote: " 1. The Research Director must ensure the proper containment of all hostile Xenobiology lifeforms." While not hostile in the moment, hostile xenobiology lifeforms would be, by definition, the mobs such as space carps, spiders, and Faithless that all do spawn out of the xenobio gold slime extracts when you use blood or plasma. Furthermore, you were warned, as you told me yourself in the ticket, several months prior for this exact thing. See the image below.


Secondly, the getting mad, you were using caps and with no further context besides me telling you the creature spam was bad, it was fairly easy to assume it was aggressive yelling directed at me.

the entire ticket

[2021-08-13 14:32:19.156] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921))->Mails.z/(Hal Wise): Got a moment?
[2021-08-13 14:32:25.387] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Mails.z/(Hal Wise)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921)): sure
[2021-08-13 14:33:19.937] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921))->Mails.z/(Hal Wise): what was with the mob spam?
[2021-08-13 14:34:42.823] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Mails.z/(Hal Wise)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921)): Yea i should have spawn them in spaces, I thought they wouldnt cause much trouble in departure, but they must have seen a wild carp and broke the windows, I repaired the holes
[2021-08-13 14:38:06.467] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921))->Mails.z/(Hal Wise): You’ve done this before.
[2021-08-13 14:38:55.452] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Mails.z/(Hal Wise)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921)): Is a long time since the last time, I have been spawning them in spaces
[2021-08-13 14:47:05.424] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921))->Mails.z/(Hal Wise): It’s self antag to spam mobs like that you should know better. And heads need to have higher standards, they wouldn’t mass spawn hostile mobs like that
[2021-08-13 14:47:42.095] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Mails.z/(Hal Wise)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921)): WHAT HOSTILE MOBS I DIDNT SPAWN HOSTILE MOBS, I DIDNT USE PLASMA
[2021-08-13 14:52:35.826] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921))->Mails.z/(Hal Wise): They weren’t hostile, but one wrong move and they could have been.
[2021-08-13 14:56:50.338] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921))->Mails.z/(Hal Wise): Take a break, from RD especially. Reread the rules a bit maybe. Mob spam as a nonantag is unacceptable
[2021-08-13 14:57:11.598] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Mails.z/(Hal Wise)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921)): THEY ARE NON HOSTILE
[2021-08-13 14:57:58.621] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921))->Mails.z/(Hal Wise): They could have been with one wrong move and you were told before mobspam is unacceptable
[2021-08-13 14:58:32.373] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Mails.z/(Hal Wise)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921)): which move the only way they atack people is if they are spawn whit plasma
[2021-08-13 14:59:13.139] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921))->Mails.z/(Hal Wise): or if they’re attacked themselves, you could have really hurt someone
[2021-08-13 15:00:07.625] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Mails.z/(Hal Wise)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921)): they dont atack themself etcept the stupid heart that go atack other mobs which i have eliminated
[2021-08-13 15:00:44.895] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Mails.z/(Hal Wise)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Drone (921)): thelen whit people like YOU is why I SPAWN THEM IN SPACES

The attitude given and the aggressive comments in all caps is unacceptable to do in a ticket, so it’s fair to assume that my thoughts of you weren’t very high to begin with there.

Finally, and the one thing I will bend on, the abandoning of the ticket. You’re aware, I’m sure, that perma is part of the policy for people who disconnect midway through. I would have been content to simply leave it at a 3 day server ban and one week science ban had you told me the nature of your departure. Seeing this on the appeal, I’d be more than willing to reduce it to the aforementioned 3 days server and one week science, pending input from other admins.

“1. The Research Director must ensure the proper containment of all hostile Xenobiology lifeforms.”
Man is said hostile. The creatures I spawn are call neutral. they are only hostile to hostile creatures. I really don’t thing they enter the definition

Also sorry for my respond I was been asked by family to hurry up it go to my nerves and Is not the firs time an admin claim that creatures can become hostile to crew.

For spawning a bunch of NOT hostile mobs and even fixing holes after those mobs killed a carp? Come on.

RD, head of department that’s supposed to experiment and shit, runs out of space in xenobio and decides to spawn some neutral mobs in a space that’s used for like, 2 minutes every round, eats a 3 day server ban for uh, what’s the reason? Self-antag?

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Because another admin decided it is bad and they have to send a message again any violation of admins will.

Self antag and grief, and they’ve been warned previously for this.

By spawning a bunch of NOT hostile mobs? How is this antagonistic behaviour?

Those mobs were just there, doing literally nothing, harming noone.

My point is that the admin how did the warning did so for the belief that the creatures were dangerous.

They didn’t spawn them in space.

Yea it can be considered grifing because it mess departures.

I didn’t mean space as the ‘cold’ void outside the station.

6 Do Not Grief

Defined as the perceived intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or to the server without any roleplay/IC reason. The emphasis is on “intent”. If a member of staff believes that the player’s intent is to grief then action will be taken. You can appeal these actions on the Ban Appeals forum. Any damage to the station or players caused by griefing can be repaired at an Admin’s discretion.

Again I don’t think that the intent there was to ‘grief’, they even picked a remote place in order to not annoy people with the ‘spam’.

mass spawning mobs is considered self antag, it’s pretty griefy too.

I did it because of a previous warning for mob spam, spamming mobs is considered self antag and griefing

It’s not remote it’s literally a public area, an area, mind you, that is the most densely populated near the end of the round

How and why spawning something that cannot do any harm to crew is self-antag and grief?

Yeah, as I have already said, for 2 minutes at the end.

Mails already said that previous note was placed cause the admin was under an assumption that those mobs cause harm, when they do not.

Full server banning for something that does not harm anyone, was done in a remote place (that fills up only for few minutes roundend) and now clearly with no intent to grief is just bad, because what’s the ban supposed to achieve in this case?

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