Mail PR Feedback and suggestions for junk mail

So, now that the Mail PR has been live for 24 hours, it’s time i get feedback, bug reports and suggestion for the junk mail.

Known issues:
-Spawners spawing the object but leaving the mail (allegedly empty) behind
-Hard to define the department the mail should go,
-The mailman hat acting odd
-Item pool giving people the wrong item as another mansion (eg an assistant getting a fulton)

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some of the mail is straight from TG code, and pretty LRP/NRP in a few cases. those might need to be purged

Already in the way, I’m currently culling some of the spam mails to be replaced with more realistic and in context mail

I received two tracking kits as a chef. Im pretty sure theyd be classified as contraband if I acquired them any other way. This will probably need to be balanced soon.

That’s due to a bug that i was unable to expose in local, apparently the item pools mixes with all of the jobs that got on the station (practically speaking, everyone draw from every job’s item pool), so that’s on the fix list

I’ve had a few instances where I’ve opened a letter while holding something in my off-hand, and it just gave me absolutely nothing. Not sure if I just got unlucky with it and actually had nothing, or it was a bug.

i can safely pinpoint that to a bug related to spawners, if you where by chance an MD, a secoff or something like that, the item will spawn outside the letter for… spawner reasons

I liked the mail system only issue which could be intentional i found is you cant send back the shuttle if there is any mail still on it.

Now this could be intentional but if so an additional message might be needed cause the standard lifeform aboard the shuttle cant send off can be confusing.

Also some mail defined the job of the recipient and some didnt. Not sure but it maybe due to id’s being in pda’s?

it’s very intentional, and i agree i should clarify better the message for that

changed it recently to always show the recipient and the job they have

Sadly I didn’t have a chance to interact with mail but from I gather it was quite fun, I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback so I hope we will merge mail permanently.

As for suggestions

  • If that is not a case I would suggest giving admins an ability to create custom letters that will then arrive on station in a bin alongside the regular ones. That would allow admins to interfere and influence game in more subtle way

  • Allow crew members to put papers in envelopes and address them, maybe with presence of mailman we could encourage bureaucracy at least a bit and I hope future PRs will push it further, if that would be a case then having internal postal service would be vital. Let’s get those request forms and permits flowing!

  • System should check for such states like being detained or deemed insane to encourage setting those states. Just imagine if people in perma could receive cakes or breads and there would be a small chance for contraband to be smuggled inside them. Classic.

  • If we are able to check for states, then how about death? People working in the same department could receive letters from parents of the deceased as they were so close friends. We could also make it so there’s a chance that person from different department (to increase a chance those players didn’t interact that much or potentially never) receives similar letter since the deceased told parents that they were dating…actually we could make it also when they are alive to create some awkward conversations

  • We could have a lottery event in which every crew member would receive letter containing ticket with a number. Command would be responsible from checking the winning ticket and giving out the reward (Some kind of reward would be sent automatically to bridge but I would like to keep command giving it to winner in case players would like to use this lottery system to something else-like giving away different reward, determining who’s the new clown or who’s going to be a elected a new captain or who are we going to sacrifice to please the gods and so on.

The mail PR is live again, remember to report all potential bugs here!

Also to answer 4rchibald:

Could be done on a later PR.

Actually planned, but also for a future PR, since I plan to integrate replyable spam mail (if you feel lucky in gambling your funds…).

No real need, since perma nowadays is not so used… However if the prisoner role gets in it might get interesting.

Possible, could try that.

Reminder that the Mail PR is up again, Bug reporting is appreciated, also further improvement will be put on a future PR since now it’s the ground up for the mail system.

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