Magnifique HoP note by WilsonPH Appeal

Title: Magnifique HoP note by WilsonPH Appeal

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As a HoP, blankfaced and ignored a traitor hijacking the shuttle right in front of him, also proceeded to ask him “have any targets today squishy?”. Argumentative in ticket.
Appeal Reason:
A few minutes before the ticket opened I had finished fighting off some borgs that were attempting to breach the cockpits hull of the shuttle. mere moments after this a giant flesh worm appeared on the shuttle and I was trying to decide what to do about it when the ticket opened.
Additional Information:
I was near squishy with no way to arrest them so the only option would seemingly be to open fire on them. WilsonPH said I should have talked and attempted to roleplay with them but I fail to understand what they meant as I was speaking to squishy already, just not about them swiping the evac console. When I asked WilsonPH what I should have done to better understand the situation I was ignored multiple times, to which I stated, “You aren’t answering any of my questions.” which I suppose could have been seen as argumentative but I was only trying to understand what I 'd done wrong, even remarking that I was confused in the ticket. While I dont know what WilsonPH would have rather me done I do feel that they were being very hostile towards me from the moment the ticket was opened, this made it difficult to reason with them. I was only seeking guidance on how this could be avoided in the future. I ended up dying to the worm regardless while trying to deal with the ticket.


So, there’s general chaos on station, ascended flesh heretic worming out and reliving people of their arms, all that good stuff.
Now, OP ends up locked in the escape shuttle cockpit together with a hijack moth traitor. Said traitor proceeds to override the console while HoP just… does nothing.
In fact, this is what OP said during that time. Not even raising an eyebrow at the console hijack and instead straight up asking if they “had any targets”

As I told you in the ticket, even just asking what the hell they were doing would’ve been fine. But you just… completely ignored him doing his thing, as a member of Command no less. And the

SAY: Tiltedurn/(Magnifique Pavlov) “have any targets today squishy?” (Emergency Shuttle (59, 160, 2))

line really threw me off guard.

They swiped one time, the shuttle never left early. I’m still confused, even if I had asked them what they were doing or roleplayed that with them it wouldn’t have necessarily stopped them from doing it. It seems like my options were start a fight with squishy while this worms breaks in and kills us or focus on what the worm is doing. Honestly I kind of expected it to just go off into the station in which case I may have questioned why squishy was messing with the console. I am autistic, not trying to excuse any behavior, but maybe a little more time to process my surroundings and make decisions would’ve helped? I also still don’t understand what is so vexxing about asking squishy if they had assassinated someone, it opens up lots of roleplay possibilities in response. I frankly expected them to be cheeky when they responded.


I mean it’s pretty reasonable to not care anymore when there‘s a giant worm made of limbs slaughtering everyone. Asking if they have targets like that though is a bit metagamey. You don’t know IC that they use the language targets. Something better would have been something like: You didn’t kill anyone… did you?


Ok, that makes sense. I do make mistakes like that from time to time and I appreciate criticism and correction. the last thing I want to do is make the game worse for people.


Right so
by that point the worm was not yet at the escape shuttle. You saw Squishy barricading the entrance to the cockpit as a non-command member and then saw him begin hijack the console.
You did not question him on what he was doing, at all. Hell you even asked “Have any targets today squishy?”
I’d understand if you were trying to like, RP a pencil pusher that was incredibly scary and not trying to draw attention to himself in order to get killed, but it doesn’t look like you were doing that either.
So, my question is : why were you being buddy-buddy with someone who was clearly acting against the interests of the corporation?

I didn’t see him barricade the cockpit, I’m actually not sure if that’s correct but I’ll take your word for it. there were several other non command members in the cockpit and as I recall the shuttle had been docked for most of the round and was actively being worked on so anyone could have gotten in there. I specifically remember looking over the logs and seeing that the console had spewed some nonsense one time but I also think there were two other people standing near the console at the time? I’m assuming squishy was panic swiping on the console at one point to leave. Squishy wasn’t hostile to me and there are plenty of times traitors role aren’t actively hostile. as stated I was dealing with a threat moments before the interaction with squishy and the worm entering the shuttle had happened so someone screwing with the console wasn’t on the forefront of my mind.

I’d also like to point out that Squishy only seemed to mess with the console when we were presently in danger, I’m guessing they were trying to be helpful but obviously that would have been pretty bad.

If the part about you not noticing the hijack part is false I can edit it out.
However, I would like to know why you asked him "“have any targets today squishy?” and if you did know that he was a hostile agent why you didn’t try to find out what he was up to instead of just collaborating with him.

I was not under the impression that asking if squishy had targets was bad RP. that was my honest mistake. and again I didn’t know squishy was hostile, I was dealing with two legitimately hostile threats around this time while it appeared that squishy was only trying to help myself and other crew members deal with the borgs and flesh worm.

As ruled by headmins, expecting antagonists to have objective is bad RP.

I’ll be rewording this note to “As a HoP, asked a known criminal ‘have any targets today squishy?’”, will that be fine with you?

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I have no problems with that.

Alright, note edited, appeal accepted.