MadWaters banned by oo7craigmc


Admin’s CKEY: oo7craigmc

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: all servers

Ban Type: server ban

Ban Length: Never

Ban Date 2022-05-25

Round ID:38,281

Ban Reason: Spiking food with Sulfanol

Appeal Reason: Wanted to try out some things in chemistry since the round seemed flubbed calling a pod about 5-10m in and got carried away with the assistant traitor being a chemist as well. Also denied claimed and handled the admin ping the absolute worst way possible, sorry. Experiments will be conducted on monkeys, willing participants and/or myself. Did sulfanol because I didnt want to kill any players and it seemed the least lethal.

Additional Information: I handled being called out like a child.


Sulfonal is lethal even in small amounts, just very extremely slow to metabolize and take effect. You’re unconscious for so long you will wish you had simply died so you could observe the round while you wait for treatment. It only takes 5u of sulfonal to knock someone unconscious for two minutes, and just 12u is bordering on a lethal dose (100 toxin damage + unconscious for almost seven minutes)

Obviously you can’t be expected to know this up front since you were experimenting with it, but take it as a general word of warning that things can be much more harmful than they appear to be at first. You’ve got the right of it with your vow of how to conduct experiments moving forward, at least for when you aren’t an antagonist. As an antagonist, sulfonal is one of my personal favorites for generally being a menace because it’s slower to work and gives more room for the station to respond before victims flop over dead - good toxin for engaging people when you want to go loud with chems.

Good owning up to it if that’s all that there really was behind it, but lying in tickets is fairly egregious because it complicates matters for the admins further on. Sometimes you can get away with it because specific actions aren’t logged, but having tried to lie and being proven wrong by the logs casts a poor light on your integrity as a player moving forward.

I wish you luck with the appeal since it seems genuine, and advise you to remember admins aren’t an enemy to be afraid of moving forward. If you get a bwoink, you’re not in trouble yet (usually), and even if you end up in trouble, handling the ticket well and making it less stressful for the admin side goes a long way in getting more lenient judgments.


Breakdown of what happened:

So what happened here was that someone ate a donut with 43u of Sulfonal in it and passed out.
This person just so happened to be an antagonist who had been evading Security all round and was gearing up to do a funny gimmick that I was going to do a TC trade with them to help enable. As I was getting set up for it, they suddenly fell unconscious and when I looked at them I saw that they had a ton of Sulfonal in them. Because there were other antagonists in the round I had to go through the logs to find out how they ended up with it in them and in the time it took me to log-dive, Security found them passed out and arrested them. This ruined their round.

When I bwoinked you, this was our exchange:

Me: Why did you drug the donuts?
You: No why?
Me: I’m not asking “if”. I’m asking “why”.

And then you promptly disconnected and I applied a ban.

Now, with all the details out of the way, your appeal seems genuine to me so I’m willing to reduce this ban.
However, it’s still a rather serious set of rule breaks:
4. Ticket Conduct
8. Do Not Grief
9. Do Not Self-Antag

How about we reduce this down to three days; one day for each rule break?


I’m not going to argue that. I expected to stay banned honestly. It was driving me a bit nuts how I handled it. Thanks for looking at it.


Alright, see you in two more days then.

Appeal accepted.