M.O.D. suits, Hardsuits, Mechs and Bee

So, recently I’ve been playing on another server that is slightly more up to date with the coder/gameplay biz of the goons, (TG).

I’ve been browsing the TG wiki and looking at all the stuff regarding M.O.D. Suits and noticed that, while having considerably more depth in design than Hard-suits, alot of the things that M.O.D. suits do feel like things that are or can be done with mechs.

Don’t get me wrong, having instances of exo-suits and mechs that blur the lines between something you’d wear and something you pilot is cool, but what Mod suits are is often functionality similar if not identical to what mechs are, I feel like that takes away from Mechs as a feature in SS13. Especially considering roboticists on T.G. (and servers implementing the newer parts of it) , can produce and service/upgrade M.O.D. suits, with a similar processes to Mechs, albeit less steps regarding circuitry and assembly.

Rather than porting M.O.D. suits to Bee at some point, part of me wonders if simply expanding the functionality and features of mechs would be a more interesting, while also just adding minor customization options and/or additional built in benefits to wearing Hard suits.

If anyone agrees with me regarding this or just wants to talk about, I’d be happy to continue discussing this and further fleshing out this line of thought.

Have a good one.

Yes more mech stuff and more hardsuit stuff and more chilling.


Those quirky roboticists, they need more mechanical projects to just tinker with, not just produce robots.


to be honest, I find TG modsuits to be just worse versions of bay rigsuits,

I already said this before on some other thread but I dislike how easy it is to get modsuits and how weak they to compensate their availability

on bay rigsuits are very powerful, come pre-filled with all the modules you need but are very rare, only having one per department

also someone tried to port TG modsuits but he gave up after some time

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To expand on what I think could be done to bring mechs into more relevance, this isn’t the entirety of it, but I still gotta sleep you know?

slightly reduced production cost ;

all the mechs which are simultaneously very expensive in terms of raw materials and research costs, while having TOP TIER MECHS should be expensive, having to research each mech and their respective components puts a very large dampener on just what one can expect to see even on the less impressive side, when was the last time you saw a Gygax or Durand produced? for me that was about a month ago and the Durand wasn’t even armed.

Expanded movement classes ;

don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the modified movement control scheme on mechs, that you have to out right turn to bring equipment to bear in arcs of fire is a great way to balance the extreme power of mechs. But the only real difference in speed and maneuverability on all of them is just plain directional speed. Sure strafe mode exists and that means that with it toggled, on 2 mechs you can hypothetically run circles around folks on foot, but those mechs aren’t often seen, nor are they particularly tolerant to damage. Cutting to the chase, I think that there should be three weight classes on mechs with different levels of mobility on each, Listing them off now. Light, moves at regular player speed or slightly faster, can move diagonally ahead without turning or enabling strafe mode. IE odysseys
Medium, As current, but the ability to move forward immediately after turning. IE Durand.
Heavy, once again as current, but movement is delayed for afew milliseconds after turning while strafe mode is delayed for about a second. IE seraph

Big metal hands and the utility thereof ;

I’m not the only one who can see the hands on the mechs right? so get this, mechs can be equipped with dedicated hands that allow for various interactions akin to humanoids, mechs are after all, scaled up mechanical facsimiles of the humanoid form. Mech hands are of course a dedicated module/arm piece, and need to be swapped to and engaged to function, but their purpose is to pick up and use multiple, relatively cheap to produce Mech tools and weapons. Think of how in Titanfall 1 when another titan was destroyed, you could just yoink the giant weapon laying on the ground next to it’s shattered hull. they enable mechs to Pull large unfastened objects like machines, ore-boxes, lockers, boxes and wall girders, and enable you to just punch shit. All functions using hands have minimal power drain, comparable to simply walking in the mech, but some equipment will augment that cost somewhat.

Limited equipment cappacity ;

Of course if your mech has hands that let you just pick shit up, the most reasonable trade off is that you can’t have every generic equipment option and the entire industrial/weapons list as your load out, you have to pick and choose now. dependant on the aforementioned movement classes, the heavier your mech, bigger it probably is and the more space it has to ducktape stuff to, up to a maximum of 5 arm mounted equipment options. to accommodate the use of mech hand tools, a sort of mech tool rack would make for a great option to also occupy some of your loadout allotment.

Whenever I look at TG. I see some great ideas, done in the worse way.

There is a lot of stuff that could be ported to improve Bee. But it has to be done right.


yeah, I find the B.E.P.I.S. and the E.X.P.E.R.I.-Mentor to be really neat, but unfortunately, in the case of the Experimentor, it got gimped due to bee’s direction for RnD. We don’t even have the B.E.P.I.S.

but that is getting off topic.

I did. I was also very busy, so it just wasn’t a great idea.

I agree that mechs need a lot more to them. Right now, they are slightly worse than most other alternatives. Combat mechs are slow and clumsy, mining mechs come online once all the mining is pretty much done, and cargo and engineer mechs are useless. Only the Odysseus really fills any sort of niche to actually warrant building them.


Mechs are exceedingly rare to see used in combat right now since they cost a lot of materials, research, and tech disks for some cool things. If you do manage to get all of the required things to make a geared up durand, you have to deal with the fact that the ion that spawns roundstart is a hard counter that you can’t really do shit about especially once ion carbines get researched due to the spammability of them with mindshield pins.

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A when a mech is shot with Ion guns, part of me is just left thinking “Mechanically speaking that mech’s frame and hull is perfectly fine, its servos and electronics likely need repairs or replacement but cost wise that’s small potatos”

thinking about Ion damage and mechs, brings about the topic of Restoring mechs.

Mechs leave behind a big ol hulk of junk when you destroy them, you can strip them for wires and salvage attached stuff, but otherwise you’ve just got what is hypothetically a glorified box of mats to throw in the disposals recycler.

Thats buzz kill and in my mind the result of someone thinking “this is a big game, that is good enough for now, on to the next task” but I think you should be able to fully salvage and restore a destroyed mech if the mech has been researched.
of course you’re restoring a beat up burnt out chunk of metal resembling a mech, so you’re going to need a Restoration kit to begin the process, such a kit would be included with the basic control systems and chasis research if you wanted to build the mech in the first place.

otherwise you’re going over steps similar to to just building it, IE replace control boards, add iron and plassteel, replace batteries, capacitors, etc and BOOM good as new.

considering control boards, pimping your mech out with features, now or later.

there are various control boards for various purposes, each mech has their own board for walking around and managing power systems. So far mechs have an average of three boards, minimum functionality though should be achievable with just the two power and motor control boards

But say you have a Durrand, sure you have the boards that let the thing walk, but now you want to install the shields? you’re going to need refits beyond just turning on maintenance mode and slapping the shield projector on, you need to pop open the hatch and wire the control board in.

Reducing the amounts of necessary circuitry needed to just make a mech would a beneficial move for every aspect of mech construction and deployment, if you don’t need the stupid expensive shielding circut? save the time, Mats and potentially even idle power draw of the mech.

Additionally we could also tie mech circuitry to the modular computer component system, if you install higher grade computer parts on the control board, you get more power-efficiency, reliability and module up time. This way a roboticist’s job is not only making 7 jerrys, 5 floor bots and 3 fire bots, but is also the maintenance and upgrading mechs fielded by the station.

Limiting mech loadouts, equipment, tools, functionality and you

A Mech’s loadout should be important to consider and thus Limited dependant on the mech you’re using, every piece of mech equipment is at least as big as a full duffle bag and twice as heavy.

if you’re a cargonian who’s priorities look something like “lifting boxes and breaking rocks”, then tools your mech is fitted with should reflect that scope of work. So when Xenomorphs show up on station and HoS wants to bring wall slamming pain and suffering to the Xenos with a Gravity catapult, He’ll have to get the 3 slot Loadout on the mech swapped out from the usual drill and plasma cutter for it.

As far as I’ve been going, mechs with hands that add specific item and object functionality, reduced costs in production and even full on destroyed mech restorations, something has to be done to make it so that what you’re using isn’t the swiss army knife of robusting and green texting when “Rob otto Maximus, ERT robotistic extraordinaire” shows up on station and suddenly condenses half the jobs on station into 2 tons of Robust incarnated in Plastanium.

Looping back to hands though, if you’re miner piloting a mech equipped with them, you don’t want drop the hand carried drill on the floor to carry the 3 Materials crates that need hauling back up to station With the hydraulic clamp.

Thusly another equipment option would be a Hand tools rack, with storage for 2 or 3 mech hand tools, so you don’t need to leave your big tools strewn about the floors or tables of your workplace. Such a rack could hold any piece of Mech hand held equipment, from a fuck off huge welding torch with a propane tank sized fuel tank, to a SEC produced Laser gun that just pops in power cells all the way to Gorlex produced chain fed shotguns that chew up even improvised shells and spit out death
To make sure people aren’t running around with what they shouldn’t have though, just examining a mech will reveal it’s load out, including the items on a rack unless the syndies come up with some kind of chameleon tool rack

Robotics is cool, but seems to be very lacking in things to do, besides build borg and print cyborg right arm, health sensor, Medkit. Or just augment each other while standing around. Mechs are cool but honestly you aren’t even allowed to build most of them and they feel worse in combat

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See “expanded movement classes”,

Expanded movement classes, addendum;

I’m also thinking if that were implemented, we could also bring back the mechpilot/plug suits one can order from cargo.
using a plug suit in a mech would upgrade the movement class, but to reel the benefit in, to utilize plugsuits, the mech needs a plug upgrade that can be toggled on/off in the mech’s menu, additionally taking damage in the mech would deal a small amount of electric shock damage to random body parts while the plug movement upgrade is active.

getting into talk about hardsuits though, as previously mentioned.
it’s been mentioned that M.O.D. Suits suck because they try to be R.I.G. suits from deadspace baystation, but fail to provide the worthwhile benefits due to their prevalence on station and the need to balance that. While M.O.D suits are bad due to that, R.I.G. suits are thusly allowed to be very strong because of their scarcity. Thusly if one were to overhaul hard-suits,

Modularity is good though;

I was also thinking that the manufacture and modification of hard suits could be implemented.
using a multi-tool on a Hardsuit, in hand or on a table, would activate/deactivate maintenance mode akin to a mech, unlike a mech though, putting on the suit just disables the mode so it doesn’t get in the way of handling.
In maintanance mode, you can tune/repair hard suits and add modifications specific to the class of hard-suit. Engie suits can get something mundane like a tools handling upgrade that reduces the work time a short bit.
Sec suits can get integral disabler/pistol holsters like the detective’s, but comes with a button at the top left of the screen.
Med suits can get an integral Epi/Dexalin syringe, for quick application to save/preserve patients, a toggle button at the top left of the screen.
Explo/Mining hardsuits can get integrated trackers like nukie suits.
All suits can get stuff like Enhanced Helmet lights, integral breathing masks or even a watered down nukie hardsuit shield that only takes/softens 1 hit.

Light for Maintainance for light powered armor;

Using aformentioned Multi-tool maintenance mode, it should be useable for actual maintenance.
Getting EMP’d in a hard suit could do various minor shit like temporarily disable helmet lights, Cause Servo malfunctions that increase slowing briefly and just generally screw up the upgrade functionality, similar to mod-suits.
The upgrades would have to be re-booted/re-activated by just popping them off with a screw driver while targeting the limb they apply to then using a multi-tool on them, then putting them back on good as new, just activating maintenance mode on a hard suit would clear any helmet light functionality issues.
Lastly, Hardsuits start in a “generic servo tuning” somewhat slower than hard suits currently, using a multi-tool on a hardsuit while it is worn puts it in tuning mode and profiles it to the wearer, using the screw driver on each leg has a chance to change it from “generic” to “tuned”, generic tuning on arms just disables the use of the same items insul gloves stop you from using, where as tuned just enables that item functionalty, the exception to hardsuit tuning is Command staff hardsuits, which come petuned and profiled to their respective heads. and nukie suits are exempt because “space/Combat modes”

Roboticist, Bot maker, Mech Mechanic, Hardsuit tailor;

Another thing about hard suits, if doing all this makes them just lite M.o.d suits, then making them should also be an option. Instead of adding a whole shebang of Hard-suit manufacturing parts though, why not instead just take mundane wearables and items that already exist in code?
I was thinking, just slap surplus arms and legs, a power control board, a laptop battery and a micro-processor onto either a skinsuit or a cyborg chasis + 2 sheets of plastic. Lastly attach the respective suit slot option and helmet/hat then screw-driver to make it into whatever hardsuit type you were looking for.
Sec hardsuit, vest + helmet. Engie hard suit, Hazard vest + hardhat. Mining/Exploration hard suit, supply/science winter coat + supply/science beret.

I personally don’t think M.O.D.suits are the way to go for Bee, but if this whole hardsuit speel seems like some @PerishedFraud levels of suggestions and implementation hell, then sure, just import mod suits.

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thanks for the ping.

in the wise words of hideki kamiya: disappear from the earth.

edit: perhaps you are wondering: why this reaction? this guy pinged me just to call me shit, and it’s not even true because some of my ideas made it to the game already. go eat the sludge.

i think you’re neglecting the mention the worst part of mechs which is that absolutely no one wants to touch their god-forsaken code

It would be much better to port and rework modsuits to make them rarer and more powerful and delete mechs, far easier on the one who does it, at least.

you can dream joy… but this conversation has happened many times before you.
just like a better med… we are never getting M.O.D suits

Ok sorry man, didn’t think you’d take offence to that.
I’ve seen the talk of some the coder dudes and the genneral concept is “this suggestions guy great, but whoo boy is the implimentation alot of work”
My bad won’t happen again.

so perhaps taking apart the code of M.O.D. suits, then just re-working them to be mechs?

Consarnit I know there are marvelous things out there, ready to be implimented, but they just haven’t had a chance to be even test merged!

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You are forgiven.

Consarnit I know there are marvelous things out there, ready to be implimented, but they just haven’t had a chance to be even test merged!

Correct. Unless you have connections (note: with maintainers and owner gang, not with admins or players) or make funny nerf PRs, you shouldn’t expect anything. Best advice I ever got for merges was literally to annoy coders into submission. The advice was given by another coder who shall remain anonymous for their sake.


I think I know whom else you speak of and I agree, their ambiguity is of upmost importance

P.S. also does the pings on the forums do it on discord too? I wouldn’t know I’m logged off discord like 98% of the time.

It isn’t connected to discord iirc.