Lying regarding player behavior, whyiscaeciliustaken admin report

In-game misconduct: lying to ban

Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Admin Report whyiscaeciliustaken


Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

LRP or MRP server:

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-19-2020

Round Number: 14856

Rules Broken (if relevant): lying to ban

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): lied

Incident Description: during a gang round I get stuck in the teleporter room with a clown that has two trespassing charges. due to not having access, the clown being clearly gang, and the AI not letting me out, I kill the clown to prevent any possibility the clown can continue to threaten the station while I try to figure how to get out. eventually I remember its the teleporter room and I teleport to the courtroom and out. bwoinked and banned. notice that I did not kill the clown because he was in the teleporter room.

Additional Information: ban reason; Killed the clown for walking into the teleporter room. They were handcuffed at the time. Just back from a 7 day ban over the same sort of thing.

this is a severe breach of conduct and trust.

you didnt even fill this out
fill this out and put it in the proper category
i can’t even tell if this is a shitpost or not, but you cant’ expect this to be taken seriously if you didnt even fill it out

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this is where admin reports go right ? where do admin reports go if not here ?? where am I ???

admin reports. this is an admin report.

round aint over yet so please stop salting

its all fun and games until the ref fucks up

Unlisted due to ongoing round.

yer salt is showing.

You killed him because you couldn’t be bothered to arrest him properly. As you yourself demonstrated after killing him, you were able to teleport back into the brig in complete safety, With his corpse.

This follows a similar incident in which you spaced someone for breaking into tech storage because you couldn’t be bothered to arrest them properly either.

can you tell me how many time you’ve answered out of time’s I’ve asked for help that I have received help ? I had to learn what the fuck a teleporter is and how it works myself. why would I think “teleport out of the room” how would I think that ?

in killing the clown I no longer had to worry about keeping him cuffed, and could look around the room and figure out what the hell I could do.

I just realized the clown had AA, he was definitely an antag

Why would you realising in the admin report afterwards that the clown had AA have any impact on your decision making In the past?

because it proves he was an antag, and I had the right to detain by any means necessary.

Round is complete and this topic is relisted.

2 weeks after I call you out for playing the noob card with 1k hours of playtime and you’re still doing it smh
“i hAD tO fIgUrE OUt hOw tHE tElEpOrTEr wOrKS”
Also complains about stuns bring op and just kills people

no one tells me anything, and the wiki is a decade old.

I have never complained about stuns.

has anyone noticed that I don’t hack doors ? its because I don’t know how to. its a lot easier to just go through a wall. and easier to learn how to go through a wall.

The wiki tells you exactly how to hack doors, most of the pages are up to date.

where can I find information regarding bat push, hand push, and melee damage.

Ask someone who knows or go to the github.

I gave you a link to 90% of the weapons with their damage, twice and you chose to ignore it both times . FUCK YOUR SHIT STUN QUESTIONS TRY SHIT YOURSELF OR CHECK THE WIKI/CODE. Also all of what spaghetti said

Based Kasual. Watch out jellico gonna make a report against you