LycheeiceXD Player Reprt


Your Discord:Shiraizawa#0314

Offender’s CKEY: LycheeiceXD / kang

Offender’s In-Game Name: Miao Xiaxia

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-22-2022

Round Number: 41913

Rules Broken: 2, possibly 8&9

Incident Description:
I was the HoP, we had no cap so I took on the role on an Acting-Cap. After gearing up, I gave the spare code to Miao (RD) in case I went down for whatever reason then I manned HoP line. Later I go back to bridge to see the Spare safe open. Miao took the spare because “she needed access”. She also came over the HoP line asking for all access, for no actual reason. Later, she released hostile xeno spawns in the hallways, which killed at least 2 people. I saw they had the cap’s headset on too. Meaning that they broke into it.

Additional Information:
I ahelped in round, @Haliris responded to it, but it never was closed so I am writing this report.

The round before this one, on sage, so either in 41912 or 41911 Miao used a fully equipped Durand; with guns and all to game on aliens. The durand was built BEFORE any on the aliens were confirmed or even reported. Only a nightmare was confirmed before that and it was already hunted down. We even discussed this is deadchat with others how thats powergaming. Ahelped but not response.

Interestingly, when I went to steal the spare it was still in the safe. They might’ve put it back?

Possible, still stole from the captain’s locker though.

So thats why the safe was missing later

I melted the spare safe because I needed the access to unlock the shield walls for my BSLP killing chamber.

I had to leave during the round, sorry I completely forgot to inform you. I had half processed the issue so hopefully I should be able to close this one out soonish after I resolved my personal backlog.

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About the spare Id issue, I need the access because First, early round, the lone cargo tech asked for rechargers for bounty and asked me for access into security outpost, I told them I do not have access and gave them an alternative by showing them they can build rechargers by using the cargo protolathe. But later, they started to hack into multiple sec checkpoint/outpost and even RnD and ruined the doors by either bolting them open or permanently left them with test light off permanently. I gave the ultimatum on common with loudspeaker; if they do not fix all their damages, I will update their security records about their crime so sec can beat him up afterward. Then of course hop bitched it’s HoS work on comm. Checked comm manifest, there was a HoS. So I decided to visit sec for a welfare check on HoS. Before that I need the access for sec for checking on HoS, and then engineering, so I can borrow an insulated glove to fix the hacked doors of RND and possibly the sec outposts. So, I visit hopline and asked for all access, they laugh it off, took my id immediately did something on the console, return it immediately. Learned later, they lied about the access as I get no additional access at all. So, I took spare Id and visit HoS, confirmed HoS not ssd but afk. Took the insulated too. Then, I returned the spare Id, locked and all. I believes that’s all I ‘powergamed’ with that spare Id.

Second, the xenobio mob incident. That was completely a mistake I accidentally did. I haven’t done xenobio for a while. It started when I discover miner not getting enough discovery points for even a bluespace mining satchel. Toxin was not done yet due to the previous spare Id issue. I wanted to do toxin, then a scientist named Cgynus I believed volunteered to do it. So, I opt for the alternative which is scanning xenomobs. Before I did this, I even asked permission from the resident xenobiologist who was hard at work, for permission to use the shieldwall thing to kill the spawned xenomobs, I got denied, so I took both shieldwall machine to the experimentor, set a killzone. Before I did that, I did asked the scienctist Ella about the right reagent for the tame xenobio spawn. She specifically told me to use blood and don’t use plasma. So I dumbly grind plasma Infront of her and injected plasma in 6 gold slime core. Each would produce 5 aggressive xenomob instead of the 3 tame one. So I got bashed to death, robotics got broken into, roboticist dead, and part of the xenomob started haunting the main hallway. I wanted tame xenomob for scanning and I forgot which is which.

Third, the about the Durand. I was a sec off this round and that Durand was there available in the armory when warden open the armory for lethals to deal with the xenos. The Durand hate no weapon but a repair droid. I did not take any lethals but the Durand. I printed myself the mech weapon and went hunting with it. I broke some doors like robotics, because I heard a xeno breaking an apc in there, and around sci to check for any xeno. I guess that’s all the ‘griefing’ I did. I did not build that Durand, it was somebody else. I’m only using the Durand as it was available already in armory.

You got additional access, just for service areas.
The HoS was just a bit slow, possibly newer player, never seen their name, but we had a warden too, you could have asked them about the records instead.
The doors werent ruined, ive spoken with the cargonian and they fixed it.
We had engineering too, yet you decide to fix it yourself.
And you didnt say anything about having the cap’s headset.

Your ckey is LycheeIceXD right? Ill update the report accordingly (confused why forum name is kang)

I can confirm the hos was a bit new, he never talked to security at all and only read runechat.

Sorry, Covid decided to interrupt my schedule which delayed a bit of about everything on my backlog.

This looks like an accumulation of small incidents/mistakes that on their own aren’t worthy of actions on their own. However they all point at a bigger issue regarding the player’s mindset of trying to do everything themselves as that is the most efficient way to run things if you just want to win.

Naturally this leads to a lot of friction with other players, a lot of angst that create unsatisfying rounds.

Remember that this is a roleplay server, it’s okay to let go sometime and allow others to express themselves at the cost of things not being 99% efficient. Rounds aren’t competitive.

Report Accepted