LycheeIceXD Banned by ravellon ( edited, mistaken from other type of ban)

**CKEY: lycheeIceXD

**Admin’s CKEY: ravellon

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: All

**Which server did the ban happen on?

**Ban Type: Silicon Ban

**Ban Length: 14 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 09/26/2020

**Round ID: 22315

**Ban Reason: As a borg, ignored its malf AI master. Gone afk before bwoink.

**Appeal Reason: I have no recollection of whatsoever that the Malf Ai of this round commanded borg me to do things. I do not believe that I received any PDA messaging or binary comm by the Ai. I remember in that round, the only interaction of me with the AI is when the AI asked the roboticist what is he doing to me as the roboticist trying to reset me from security borg to engineering borg and telling the roboticist to stop hurting its borg as I was sparking from wire cutting. This is the only time I remember the AI ever existing and come close to interact with me. Afterward, I went to do solar as borg but until I ran out of wires, I did some wiki searching on how to get more wires, I give up and asked mentor. I got answers that I need to go to the cyborg recharger thing. I went to the cyborg charger and afk there till round end I remember? I had to do laundry and cook dinner. A girl gotta do their housework y’know?

Along this recollection of mine, I have no memory of AI ever asking me to do things when I was playing. I remember I checked my law and it was normal. I believe that I have been blamed for breaking the rules just because I was afk. I would admit to my mistake if admin can see if the Ai ever send me a command while I was busy either walking around maint or setting solar, being not afk in the round logs.

**Additional Information: also I did not even realise I got this ban till 3 or 4 days later while playing when I join in as posi brain and the roboticist telling that I cant go in a borg and told me I might be silicon banned. He proceeded to bring me to the kitchen, deep fried me and ate me. Also I like playing Nyan~

The ban is expired. Next time when you become a borg slaved to malf AI, do pay attention to what AI is saying to you.

Closing this.