LRP going down on pop suggestion

My suggestion would be to ‘tell’ or ‘hire’ more pop to admin on lower pop US hours, because what I have observed, people murderpone, then people leave and shit loops so noone really joins the server and on 8 PM CEST there is fucking 14 people connected instead of 50, like it always been. Many people cry because nword bad, but really noone is there to take care of shifts where murderbone happens, noone cares and people leave.

It’s worse, from what I have seen for a few days, than MRP, and this is really bad guys.

Sorry not to be in the edit, but are there admins that are not either US or Aus timezone?

Tfw murderbone was always happening and it isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that the lol u rascist u bad lol change made some people leave, which made less people join, which in turn made the pop smaller and less people join, in a cycle which leads to the server eventually dying off because some retards didn’t want other opinions for which they were even doing everything for

Yes you are right, the cycle is what I am talkin about, but what I want to point out, that when it is 5 pop on LRP, which is really fucking bad, there should be someone that prevents murderbone so people don’t leave. Today there have been one duo that murderboned against rules and caused 2 people to leave and imagine looking for the server where there are like 3 or 5 people online, many people may think that server again has been DoSed and will not look for it on the lower parts of Byond lobby.