Loyavas banned by Kerbin_Fiber

CKEY: Loyavas

Admin’s CKEY: Kerbin_Fiber

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP (Sage)

Ban Type: Game ban

Ban Length: Until appeal

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/10/2019

Round ID: 8938

Ban Reason: Over escalated with the clown and Chef. Was cloned multiple times by the chef but continued to try and kill the chef. This is a perm ban because they disconnected.

Appeal Reason: Alright so here’s what went down on my side of the story. My memory is hazy so I don’t remember exact details. I’m a botanist, and at the time zip tied by a beepsky, and the chef comes and steals all my stuff. I go to the kitchen to search for my stuff, only to find that he deep fried it. I try to throw a punch for it, he robusted me. I go back with zip ties and a stun prod, and I believe that he killed me or critted me and left me to die outside med bay. I get cloned, and go back searching for my body which at least still had some of my stuff. The chef, now with the clown, are a bunch of dicks to me, so I shove him. He/they hit me once or a few times, so I grab something to hit him. I get killed/critted however I was revived without being cloned. I go back to fuck them up, and killed/critted. As stated earlier, my memory is hazy so some of this might not be accurate.

I try and get an admin on, wait some time, and give up and leave. I then found later I was banned. Overall I would say that I was at fault for some of it, however over escalation seems strong for what happened, however I would only say it would be applicable for trying to fuck them up AFTER the situation that happened after I was cloned. Take that what you will, and let the spess gods decide.

Additional Information: N/A

I actually vividly remember this round. This was on MRP.

A few things to note, you weren’t cuffed by Beepsky, I believe it started out with the chef only taking your shoes and deepfrying them, and the clown made the plan. That’s all fine but the bad part was the fact that the immediate retaliation was you going and punching the chef for deepfrying your shoes. It’s an item that’s like $10 in a clothes vendor. He threw you back into Botany, where you went and took a hatchet to kill the chef. He beat you into crit and then proceeded to take you to medbay. After he did that, there were two other occasions where you went back to try and kill the chef. And, yes, at one point you were cloned, by the chef. This was gross overescalation for MRP, this is stuff you find on LRP.

Since this ban was over a month ago I’ll lift it though. So don’t pull some big stunt like this again on MRP.