Lowwy Thorley player input

You might have seen me as the doctor when you just woke up after dying, as the chemist who gave you a pill that actually healed you or as the CMO dragging thugs out of medbay.

I’m interested in your thoughts!


Are you the CMO that actually harm batons people?
If yes then you are based and I like you

Saw you as a wizard, entire observer gang was cheering you on, until we saw you in action.

Then we just held onto hopes.


solid cmo cop very approve

No harm baton from me, I’m part of the telescopic baton gang as CMO.

It was quite rough yea, first time as wizard and having the whole ship hunt you is quite a thrill.


potential femboy, 6/10 will raise to 7/10 if femboy status is confirmed or denied



What’s your character’s name?


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What’s your character’s name?

Memes aside, good lad. See em milling around the station rather often whenever i roll AI.
No idea what he actually does, but that’s usually a good indicator that they’re doing fine!

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Actually answers his pda and radio. A good MD from what i’ve seen of him as my charge.

A good CMO from what i’ve seen as his charge.

Knowledgeable doctors are annoyingly rare, i respect your competence.

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Amazing in any role I’ve seen him has, whether that be in Medical or Science, and overall just really nice to have as company. Showed me a neat teleporter setup you can do with illegal tech as well.

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2 months later

knee crow :pensive:

Oop I missed that part.

I think he has a mustache but I can’t remember.

Still working as a MD after all, so it’s fine i’d say

I don’t know if you remember but I didn’t forget how you were S&L co. Pal for a while.

Good and reliable player, fun too naturally, thanks for good times. I dont see you often anymore which is a bit disappointing but you know you.

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Don’t think I can forget it after the whole introduction I was given to S&L co. it was great!

Sadly I just started a new job so my time in space has been drastically reduced, for now.

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