Lowpop roleplay

In this report, there was a lowpop round [4 crew vs 5 antags (3tots and 2BB)]

In the admin rulling at the end of the report, was said that as a tot, you should atleast try to RP with the crew.

My idea is announcing Station Wide Battle Royale/Hunger Games. Could an antag announce this? Would the crew break the rukes if they decide to participate?

Post your ideas below please!


My personal thoughts on this would be that crew shouldnt participate in something that they KNOW could result in their death quite easily, ao personally id say crew should refraid from willingly taking part

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Well, in this scenario their only chance is to either survive or be hunted down by the antags.

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I dunno, if the crew isn’t sec/command/your target, it seems that this would be murderboning. If you got murderbone objectives tho, you can go hog wild, but atleast do something fun? If its such low pop, you could kidnap people to fight each other for their freedom in a rage cage, do a trivia show with bombs implanted in their chests, who knows!

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Then that falls into the latter part, where they aren’t willingly partaking

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