Lower the population reqs for cool antags

tired of getting heretics and traitorlings 24/7 on golden

but not tired of blood brothers?

brothers are kinda cringe too tbqh

pls no. the “cool” antags usually need way more people to stop them as well and cause more damage to the station

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so what it’s high chaos low RP fun not “wahhh I wanna do my autism project without anyone bothering me”

lets get golden players the respect we deserve

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yesssss. yes. we could lower the pop req but also lower the chance that the game mode will be picked. not all low-pop blood and clockwork cult rounds, nuke ops rounds, or wizard rounds are garbage. i think all these game modes really require are 10-15 people playing that have solid know-how, and golden meets that prerequisite often

idk about rev rounds though seems unplayable with no heads

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js the population requirement for a certain game mode is not an exact number. imo it’s a gradual scale. could be coded like that (without much effort?)

I mean there are certainly some gamemodes which probably won’t happen, but nukies/wiz/cult/ could probably afford a lower min pop

yea idk if i get why these game modes are disabled on below 30 pop. is it really that much of a cakewalk? it makes more sense to adjust the antag population minimums to match the server’s own population statistics

and i already know some admin is gonna waltz up in here and say “we already tried that”

Drop the requirements for cult n stuff to around 25, since we almost never have over 30 people ready round start. Move heretic up to this category too. Heretic should really not be active on less than 15, or hell, even 20.

if you wanna buff it you could make it take into account the players who are actually in the lobby instead of just those readied up

funny when you force clockcult with almost 40 players on and it FAILS BECAUSE PLAYERS DON’T READY UP lmao

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oh we’re doing all caps? WE’RE DOING ALL CAPS???

while we put important things into all caps I would like to suggest AMOGUS GAMEMODE

That’s just changelings.

Alternatively make gamemode a sliding scale with pop. IE at X pop wizard rounds have X chance

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Make most gamemodes scale with pop. Ie nukies with 15 players get like 10 tc or they cant buy crazy stuff like with traitors.