Low pop detective / brig physician

Start playing round as Detective, two sec officers leave the round. HOS dies. Det is sole remaining seccie.

Get ahelped for arresting clown who blatantly broke into bridge and stole a command headset because “Detectives aren’t supposed to arrest people.”

Ahh good ole beestation. Never stop being cancer.

You can ahelped em back if they threat to report you ic, and maybe from his side, he dont know you are the only sec left, soo…

The core problem is this idea that you are supposed to be part of a department but not actually take part in the most basic function of said department,

Do you ever see a genetecist or virologist getting bwoinked for treating crit patients? A atmos tech bwoinked for setting up the SM? A roboticist bwoinked for helping with breeding slimes?

And most of the time it isnt even going to result in a ticket anyway so its literally just wasting sec and the admemes time to look into it and the only person who is happy in all this is the guy who broke into the bridge.

Because most of the time its because,
There was not enough doctor to tend all patients
There was no engi/ or one that capable of setting sm
Or there was no scientist doing Xenobio
Literally all 3 of em, as a doc/engi/scientist you can kick others that do your job out by ic means, if they refuse to leave and let you do your job, then you can ahelp it

For detective sure, you can arrest people if theres no/not enough sec around, evenmore when yorue ordered to by your superior, but brig phys is a medbay department job, just at another place, its more iffy for one to be a sec, unless you got Head/cap order to do so.

did you actually get noted or is someone just salting

admins shouldn’t mind if you do it in times of need