Lourendril Mentor Application

Your CKEY:Lourendril

Your Discord:Lourendril

How long have you been playing ss13?::About 8-9 Months

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?::VictorPride

**Game Experience (More Detailed): ** 524h of lifetime hours on bee. I got few hundred more on Yog’s, TG event hall and probably some on the Citadel (Only to Accompany Bastien in his loneliness).
Overall, I mastered the basic skills of robustness. I can do all sci roles, with being very profficient and based with Xenobiology, can do nanites, can do basic circuits, can do toxin bomb and can do all robotics stuff.
Now, if we skip to medbay, i can easily do surgeries, with full augmentation for about 15 sec per body part.Hell, if you are crazy enough to remove cloning i can teach you all the alternative ways of clooning and make a cavity implant at the same time. Chemistry is my strong side, with being able to make felinid mutation toxin that everyone certainly loves with a deep passion. Coronavirus is nothing compared to stuff I can do in the virology.
Mining is also not a problem, as I know all the based knowledge but I still need some training to solo bubble but i guess i know space enough, since lavaland is not the only place you can go!
Engineering, I can easly do and fix SM, Singulo and Tesla. Not a fan of the turbine though. I can mantain and fix the Atmos too.
AI and Borgs, I know the stuff and the law 0 making someone one human on crewsimov.
Botany, making a throwable potato that turns you into plasmememe is not an issue with me, given enough time and stealing enough chem dispensers.
Right, I am a master of Cluwning as well! Nothing beats up more than some lovely HENKS!

Advanced knowledge on all antags, maybe except hivemind host cause well, badmins have removed it out of the rotation. I can certainly turn flukie into a robust clown ops in 8 minute timer before they go to war.Blood Cult, Clock cult, just named it, hell, I can even be a priest on your own wedding or funeral, just ask me.
Almost forgot, I am also a master of CBT and ERP. Just ask Bastien or Azlanon, they will either confirm or shamelessly refuse, as they might be ashamed.

Really knows his shit and I can safely say he’s taught me a shitton of things in the short time I’ve known him. Even when I come up with a rather rare situation he still has a dozen ideas of how to approach it. Highly recommended +1.

+1 Seems to have a decent amount of player time and looks like he has a decent bit of in game knowledge.

from the times i’ve played with him he seems very competent at whatever job he’s playing +1

Just skimmed through their OOC talk. From that alone they very helpful and knowledgeable, and the exact kind of person you’d want as a mentor.


+2 based off the recommendation and his array of knowledge in regards to things.

Lack of turbine knowledge is upsetting though.

Accepting after 17 days at +6.