LostandDead Player Report #41600

In-game report:

CKEY: LodedDiper

Your Discord: Disco User#4914

Offender’s CKEY: LostandDead

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kevin Singuloth

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-02-2022

Round Number: 41600

Rules Broken: 12

Incident Description:
It was a cult round, “confirmed” by chef screaming “CULT” 10 minutes in, and it being confirmed was the general consensus among security, though most people havent seen any cultists in person (this part is important). I RPed as a lawyer who believed this was only an excuse for Nanotrasen to call blue alert and take away the rights of the common man, thus starting to protest in security with my “CULT IS FAKE” sign in hand.
So there I was in brig, spraypainting the same thing on the floor, when suddenly the captain comes up from behind and demands I be mindshielded. I refused, as it would clearly goes against what my character stands for, but instead of backing off he violently grabbed me and forcefully shielded me anyways. This violates SOP, as you cannot force mindshield unless it’s red alert.
The cult would go on to lose, but I cant shake the feeling that it would have played out differently if the captain didnt go out of his way to breach his conduct just to own the valids.

Additional Information:
Cult is just reskinned revs imo. If you remove one then remove the other too.

Assuming it was the same Kevin Sunguloth, his ckey is Lost and dead

Didn’t chef robust clown that had cult stuff in his bag?

Wonder why a chef would search a clown’s bag, even if they tresspassed… unless they stole something

STILL even if Kevin found those items in the bag, he shouldn’t have screamed CULT!!! on comms, it would’ve been more roleplay to walk to sec or call an officer to report the Clown for having a ‘‘weird looking blade and some weird red metal’’

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Maybe chef wanted to use clown’s epi pen. But yea he shouldn’t have screamed “CULT” on top of his lounges.

Sorry for the delay, getting round to this now.

I cant seem to find this specific in any of the SoP documents or on any of the wiki pages at all, and via the logs I’ve read through this is IC, and I’m surprised the captain didnt throw you in the brig for vandalism and insubordination. As a lawyer, you’re meant to provide legal aid to the crew, ensure security is following space law, and advocate for trials.

From logs it seems there was a deconversion in the prison wing, and roughly 100~ mentions of the cult across most comm channels before the incident, and the captain and majority of the security team knew about the cult being real at the time of the incident, so metagaming is a no-go ruling wise here.

@LodedDiper If you’re able to provide the relvent SoP link or Rule relating to this I can continue to process this report, otherwise this would be IC and I’ll have to reject the report.


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I’ve given enough time on this for the relevent information to be provided, and taken multiple looks myself.

Report Rejected