[LordVoidron] banned by [Doktorwueue]

Title: [LordVoidron] banned by [Doktorwueue]

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
1 Month
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
“said he will nto change his name from garry crewman ( the troublinb part is his last name).”
Appeal Reason:
Crewman is a valid surname. Atleast according to myself and others from the bee discord.
Additional Information:
I talked to some of the mentor players on the BeeStation discord, and they seemed to think the surname was valid

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You and “others from the bee discord” are not admins who make the guideline. It is not an acceptable surname name for Sage. Crewman is a title or rank, not a name.

It is a fairly common surname as well though

(from ancestry.com)


It’s no different than the last name Smith

Occupational last names are extremely common, here’s a list of some

Archer, Baker, Brewer, Butcher, Carter, Clark, Cooper, Cook, Dyer, Farmer, Faulkner, Fisher, Fuller, Gardener, Glover, Head, Hunt or Hunter, Judge, Mason, Page, Parker, Potter, Sawyer, Slater, Smith, Taylor, Thatcher, Turner, Weaver, Woodman, and Wright

Crewman should be valid, albeit it’s not a common last name, it does exist in real life and people have actually had the last name (historically speaking).


Closing because I’m alergic to peanuts and we get the point that people are trying to make with the above posts.

Time for the kicker.

While I just made a case for “Boxcutter” as an appropriate job-based last name… Crewman is hella on the nose considering our setting.

I’m sitting neutral on this one, but I lean toward agreeing it should be changed.

Personally, I believe this name is not excessive or unreasonable, and does not interfere with roleplay on it’s own. If the player us making a meme out of their name, it should be addressed separately as a roleplay violation.

(Side note: I disagree with using “real people have this name” as an argument.)

I’m still allergic to peanuts, just so you all are justly warned.

I never made a meme of my name. The only time my name has ever been brought up in “RP situation” is the day i got banned.

I am the roboticist, “Omega Beepsky AI shell” rolls in and spam points at Durand shell whilst wasting mats printing 5 ai control beacons. I tell the AI “Im not making you a durand shell” because its a weapon mech, and you dont give those to AI. AI precedes to flash me with the shell then scream “No human has the name Crewman”. Flashes me again and runs away. Less than a minute later the admin (Doktorwueue) ADMIN-PMs me saying i need to change my name.

EDIT: The admin told me in ADMIN PMs this ordeal had nothing to do with the ai, but id still like to know who the fuck was this ai and why where they asking for Durands and flashing for no reason.

EDIT 2: I late joined, The mechs were partially built when i arrived and i didnt bother to finish it. there was also around 10 ai control beacons already in the room laying around.

I don’t think the fact that the name was or wasn’t valid is the reason behind this ban.

The problem was that an admin directly told you to change it and you refused, so the admin forced it to be changed.

If you disagree with an admins judgement, you should first argue your case in a ticket. If that fails you should make a forum post or consult additional admins.

I don’t see why this ban should stay provided the player agrees to listen to admin discretion about naming policy in the future and not use the name “crewmate” until it is approved by the admins.

for “Ban Reason” I just copied and pasted the ban message that appeared as is in chat.
I told the admin I was going to play a different character the next round and ask about my name on the forums, to which he replied with a immediate ban after agreeing to not play that character.

*if anyone checks the logs of that round, It was my last message in the ADMIN-PMS

i will lift the ban.

i apologize for the long wait time