Loeuw banned by Burza

Admin’s CKEY
Ban Type:
Gane ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
As non-antag injected people with mutations for “being annoying”. Caused conflict and started multiple fights, General LRP Behavior. Disconnected during ticket, please explain on the forums.
Appeal Reason:
It’s been what I believe to be a year, In that year I experienced Good notes, bad notes, bans, unbans, and overall just time on ss13. I think after so long I learnt how to actually play the game as beestation was the first server I clicked on and joined. Back then I was just being annoying and not reading rules, but after playing on different servers with mixed feedback from admins I think I might be able to return to beestation without causing problems.
Additional Information:
The most recent feedback I’ve recieved was a job ban on fulpstation for supposed antag rolling, I’m trying to get that job ban sorted out and I believe it will be taken off my record in the near future.

Contact an admin on one of the other servers you play for a vouch of good character.

Yes this wasn’t mentioned in the appeals formating, No your Appeal won’t be considered if you lack a Vouch.

Love getting to mention this so often, it really should be in the formatting

have they already done this?

Explain on forums bans don’t need vouch

This doesn’t look to be that case.

No vouch is required here, strictly speaking.
We do sometimes ask for a vouch anyways in cases like this one where for some reason they waited over a year to start caring about the ban, but this is discretion not policy.

Speaking off - it has been over a year since this happend, have you been playing anywhere else in this time? Aquireing a vouch to show you can behave would drasticaly improve your chances here, even if its not strictly required by policy.

I waited a year while knowing about the ban and being conscious of it for a while now. I wanted to put time on it so it’d improve chances of it actually being accepted. At the moment I don’t think I’ll be able to get any type of vouch from an admin of a different server, I’ll wait around another year or so to see if my history improves by any bit when I come back to the game.

You definitely don’t have to wait another full year. You just need to play enough until the server feels ready to vouch for your behavior.

I will go ahead and close this appeal though, if you have nothing more to add. Feel free to just open a new one when you have that vouch.

Closing this then as posted above.