Locked hacked APC = AI malf = metagaming?

Is calling AI malf when a blue hacked and locked APC is found, in fact metagaming?

Is knowing what cult/syndicate/other antag items/abilites are metagaming?

Is it validhunting to kill a malf AI?




How am I supposed to react to a malf AI as a regular crewmember?

Call security
maybe go and vounteer to the HOS as a deputy

what not to do:
powergame and go kill em on your own

I realize that this may seem anal, but is deconstructing hacked malf APCs validhunting? It kills the AI albeit indirectly, and if it happened to be shunted it kills it for good.

What about cutting cameras?

Uh, interesting grey area to be honest.

If you’re doing it for the express purpose of fucking over that AI, thats metagamey.
Noone disputes that an engineer ofc realizes a hacked APC is odd, though.
If your purpose is “huh, thats odd, better fix it” (and fixing shit is your job) then thats mostly fine.

Though ofc its hard to impossible to realy establish what the intent there is

Then there’s the cognitive dissonance of everyone and their dog fighting the blob, a station ending threat like a malf AI. But during blob it’s ok to fight it and encouraged, but a malf AI that can potentially self destruct station, that’s somehow not ok.

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Once it goes delta and becomes an actual station-wide threat all bets are off, go nuts

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I’m not seeing how that is different from a blob not yet at edge of overtaking station.

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Thats how it is anyways, though.

If that’s how you want it, then you should perhaps codify it in rules so people don’t mistake common sense for something unwanted.

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iirc hacked apcs cannot be interacted with outside by the ai who hacked them, making them an active detriment

tho i may be wrong on that one

Is it Vaild Hunting to kill a rogue MALF after it kills your co-worker and almost kills you? On low pop, with no living Command or Sec.


The way I understand it the AI sat is a high security zone which under normal operating circumstances only the captain, heads of staff and security(if theres an antag breaking in) should ever enter.

If the alert gets bumped up becase “Ai malf, toolbox he.” then you can consider yourself having permission to do so but to do so before the alert level goes up and a directive is issued from command staff makes you guilty of a host of potential IC crimes.

*Trespass into high security area
*Sabotage of vital station equipment
*Murder(Silicons are still covered by beestations escalation policy)
*Ignoring the chain of command

A good analogy would be Nukies. Once command staff confirms its Nukies or a declaration of war is issued its generally assumed that the station as a whole should prepare.

But if some rando engineer in maints shouts “Nukies!” that isn’t sufficient justification for cargo to start bulk ordering eguns until someone else, preferably in command staff, confirms that there are in fact nukies.

Correct. Similar case with Emagged APC(exclusive interaction, even locks out AI).

This makes me think that the only way to go and experience Delta is on roundending moments a.k.a cult/nukies/blob/ai victory in less than a minute (except nukies 90 seconds or more if they decide to troll) , perhaps we could benefit from other alert levels like some other servers have because there’s very few stuff to enforced during Delta since everybody pretty much knows it’s over for good

I have a feeling that this post was spurred by recent events on the 17th of december 2021, where in the A.I. was Malf, but not S.E.L.F. operative traitorous, just glitch directive Malf that was kinda harmless, cause the glitch directive boiled down to “lockers are bad, get rid of lockers”

Lol it is I got banned for it

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It’s exactly why you got banned so i think this thread referrs to you