LocalKraken/AgentCitrus Mentor Application

Your CKEY: localkraken

Your Discord: AgentCitrus#7985

How long have you been playing ss13?: Started with Goon sometime in 2019, started playing Bee regularly around mid November in 2020

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: N/A

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I know how to do pretty much every job save for botany (I’ve never been AI and I’ve rarely ever been a silicon, as well), and I have to keep the wiki page up for chemistry and xenobio. Speaking of which, I’m not particularly skilled with xenobio, but I know the basics. I can also code dive if I need to. Anyways yeah, fire away with questions, I guess.


recongises and attempts to struike conversations with random people, and well known characters as well, like how you noticed gerald dyed his hair yellow, and i trust you so much, my heart sinks when i notice you dead on suitsensors, also CLOWN HOURS

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Yep, I am a clown main but I haven’t played much clown recently, unfortunately.

assistant hours a bit low but it can improve +1

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Dont see a reason why not, you are experienced. +1

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Whats better, sec or durathread jump suit?

What are two bartender drinks that will light you on fire? What race can’t catch fire?

Someone mhelps while you’re the only mentor on, with free time on your hands in round, they ask “Can I maxcap the bridge??” What do/say?

A blind paraplegic girl mhelps, a clown has pied her, and now her screen is still blurry even after she washed her face and showered. What do?

  1. Durathread.

  2. Plasma Flood and one other, not sure. I believe a techpriest chaplain’s androids can’t catch on fire.

  3. Redirect them to ahelp.

  4. No clue on this one. I’ve never played with blind nor paraplegic.

:-1: :-1: :-1: :-1:

your hours alone convinced me +1

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1000 hours is very good +1

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Looks good to me, +1!

  1. Tell them to ahelp, its a visual bug that requires some sort of adminbus to a lighting layer

Total: 4

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