Localbox player report

Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report

CKEY: rublax

Your Discord: no

Offender’s CKEY: Localbox

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Khara Ravens

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/21/2020

Round Number: 22878

Rules Broken: metagrudge for sure and i think self antag probably

Incident Description: okay so Im just chilling on lrp walking around and I see a chemist (Artemy) inject some random guy with something and then the guy falls on the ground. I use medical scanner to see wat it was and it was cyanide and chloral, so I shoot at the chemist but he runs away. I find him later and he shoots me with cyanide syringe, so I run to medical but I get the ‘horrendously weak’ message. I start taking toxin damage so I see a sec officer and I say something like “HELP ME DRAG ME TO MED” and they say “fuck you tyrone lol”. I end up getting to medical anyways (the sec officer follows) and chugging a charcoal bottle but the chemist comes and beats my ass with a stun baton while the security officer watches. I go into crit and I get dragged to evac (to get cremated probably). Whole time Khara is just watching, until she fires a few warning shots at the chemist and he runs away. I whisper “Fucking metagrudge pussy boy” to the sec officer. but I healed out of crit somehow and I start running. the chemist comes back with the Chaplain who is also a tator. Khara, the sec officer, says “kill him” and just watches them kill me and I get cremated. I see later than Artemy killed Khara (idk why) and in deadchat Khara says

DEAD: Khara Cravens says, “i died but at least they got away with killing you”

then we argue in deadchat and ye

Additional Information: @PerishedFraud was there and said to make this report

SAY: Localbox/(Khara Cravens) (DEAD) "i died but at least they got away with killing you" (Chapel Office (79, 77, 2))

Obvious metagrudge is obvious.

I mean there could be another reason the guy wanted him dead other then metagrudge

he was a sec officer

i did find it kinda sus the sec officer just watched me cremate that dude but on the other hand I did put out false comms that @steff05 had sleeping carp so might explain why he helped me

i still killed him right after though anyway lol

(i was artemy)

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You don’t say that someone got away with killing a valid.

Given their earlier comments in the round, this was pretty clearly metagrudge.

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id agree with the metagrudge angle too considering the dchat afterwards + they didnt make any active effort to stop me killing other people too

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true but you never know he might have really wanted to kill him because of other stuff in the round

You don’t then gloat in chat about someone reporting you if you had an actual reason to kill them.

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its cravens you buffoon

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