Local Mime has a nice stash of Hatchets for sale. Antag status not included. All sales are permanent

In-game report:

CKEY: Strange_Boi

Your Discord:
Offender’s CKEY:
Asked in ahelp, but no admeme was up.
Offender’s In-Game Name:
Flint Baker

Server (Sage or Acacia):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):
Round Number:
Rules Broken:
1.3 - No Powergaming
1.9 - No grief
Incident Description:

I and the guy the game randomly chose for me to be my bro for bromance were exploring maint, looking for stuff to keep us from being bored.
We saw a mime in maint and I jokingly fired a laser tag at him once and said “Got em” next to indicate that it was a joke.
The guy decided to go all in and killed us both. He had around 5-7 hatchets in his bag READY for that. I know it’s kinda the meta with them. So he committed a double murder and was prisoned by sec afterward. He wasn’t a tot, nor he was an antag at all. Fun shit.

Additional Information:

He picked exact same role next round, so I think it’s worth checking if he has hatchets again.


Expect this report to take slightly longer than usual for reasons that I’m not going to elaborate on at this time. It will get done though.