LittleSaltee banned by Superdork55


Admin’s CKEY:Superdork55

is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on?: Sage

Ban Type: Game ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 03/08/2021

Round ID:27723

Ban Reason:" Randomly went around toolboxing people as a non-antagonist

Appeal Reason: What happened was, I stole a clowns shoes and he was chasing me, a small fight broke out, anyways, the cmo flashed me and the clown, stuffed the clown into disposals and brought me to sec. While I was being brought to sec, the clown started shoving and punching me. I was then in sec and the clown was at the door. I offered a truce (and to give him back his shoes), he agreed, I also said that what should beat up the cmo for arresting both of us , while we were making our way to the medbay, the clown suicided, I then said “I will avenge you clown”, and went after the cmo myself, I grabbed a toolbox and beat the cmo over the head with it, It was my intent to stop once the cmo was on the ground, the cmo and a few paramedics then killed me, I left the server and when I attempted to join back, I was greeted with the ban message.

Additional Information: N/A

I’m going to go ahead and say in this instance that the ban was very much warranted.

  • Beating people over the head with a toolbox as a non-antagonist is counted as self antag and we have strong rules against it.
  • Logging out as soon as you get killed also DC’ing before ticket can be initiated resulted in you getting the Permanent ban.
  • You attempted to beat the CMO up with a toolbox for no reason at all P.S the CMO is also an Administrator of our server and ahelped you as soon as you did it.

Stealing players items for no legitimate reason is quite LRP which is against Sages roleplay standards.

^ Yeah no, let Security do their job and intercept people, it’s not your job if you are not Security.

We are a Medium roleplay server and have quite high standards, I’m personally for you playing elsewhere and obtaining a vouch from a reputable server before this ban is considered to be lifted.

Okay I am going ahead and denying this appeal as you were only recently banned from Desert Rose for the same stuff.