Literally Who? Simulator, Doctor Ape | G.L.A.D.O.S/Theo Hunger

Just curious if any of my characters even remotely stick to memory.



I love Pirates of the Caribbean, I love Captain Jack Sparrow, I love that quote

I’m sure you’re an alright person judging by the image alone

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hey iiiiii remember you, don’t remember what you did but i always saw glados as ai when i started playing ss13 a month ago

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I remember you being a lad on tg terry, and people repeating an obvious joke with your name over and over.


I mean it literally trips the “moderator attention” flag which is why admemes changed it
Also good doctor, would you play monkey race if it got added?

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Hey I used to play as G.L.A.D.O.S as AI i would name my self that happy to see someone doing the same thing

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Given that I have some actual playtime on Bee now, time for more feedback. Feel free to be negative as well, as that is usually more productive.

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Kudos to you for playing ai.

Opening doors is hard work but someone has to do it.


Ai and cyborg main :face_vomiting:


One of the few AI players that gives a shit about their laws

+rep, antag token and spared from my madness for one round

There used to be an AI player on golden who would valid hunt so bad to the point he would explode borgs if they were near human traitors, you are the opposite of that.

dependable silicon, good fleshbag.

I know you more from TG as a shitter AI

D.O.O.R says you are a malfunctioning AI and should be destroyed to prevent human harm.

the opinions of silicon players are always invalid

I remember him from tg because comedians kept on making a joke about his name.

SUCH a good antagonist without being murder-y. Spent half of a 4-hour round in an IC conflict with GL.A.D.O.S and it never once stopped being fun.