Lings reviving stasis

To be honest it toooooo op

Let me start off whit it cant be fucking stopped whit flames like flesh mend
And it cost 15 chemicals,if its was like 30 or 40 it wouldn’t be so bad but oh man can it be spammed to yours heart content
If you destroy the gibber and the cremator you LITERALLY cant be stopped and even if you destroy only the cremator if you have chitinous armor equipped you cant be gibbed

Throw the ling into the supermatter. Free power boost.

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Ways to gib a ling without the hugbox options:

  • Detonate a welding tank on top of the body.
  • Use a mech drill.
  • Chemistry (100u potassium explosion gibs 1 tile)
  • Fill a room with BZ to drain their chemical use, or N2O so they can never wake up.
  • Build another gibber, it takes no research and is cheap to make.

how do you build gibber

  1. Build a machine frame (5 metal, add wires, wrench)
  2. Add gibber board (Printed at any department lathe)
  3. Add matter bin and micro manipulator (Printed at science/engineering lathes and autolathe)



If the literal dozen things that the station has available to gib a changeling (arrivals shuttle, cargo shuttle, supermatter, toxins bombs, welding bombs, chemistry bombs, etc) haven’t been used then it’s not the ability’s fault for being too strong, it’s the crew’s for not thinking.

You have enough chemicals for 5 revives if you literally haven’t used ANY of your chemicals to try and escape / fight, which you probably will have done. Those can pretty easily be blown through if there’s even just two people covering your body.

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Real gamers attach them to a meat hook, so they can suffer for eternity while we whip them.