Ling points bug

So I was playing as clown and I got ling and I realised that I didn’t get any points so I turned off all my powers and still nothing then about 10 minutes later my points generated and then when shuttle came they stopped again

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BZ makes your points go away.
If it happens use analyzer, check for BZ in air and use internals.

Sounds like the round had a good atmos tech to me if you were under the effects of BZ and nobody complained about hallucinations.

This is not the first time we’re hearing of this, even when they use internals they still don’t get points. We tell them to scan the air, no BZ. It’s a bug.

It’s not the gas itself. Coming into contact with it adds a chemical to you that drains it over time. You need to wait several minutes for the chemical to deplete.

I know how BZ works, don’t worry about that part.

I have no idea how but sometimes a shit ton of BZ gets into the air supply which gives ridiculous amounts of BZ metabolites to everyone on the station (>300units) which fucks lings over. I have no idea where the BZ gas actually comes from, since it shouldn’t just randomly appear on the station without plasma or N2O in the air supply

Maint rats that crawl into the pipes and die

Doesn’t that release miasma though?

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Yeah, that’s what I wanted to know too.