Liidero Discord warn appeal

Discord ID: Liidero#2159

Admin Discord ID: chiryn#1521

Ban Type: Warn

Ban Length: Infinite(?)

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 08/14/2022

Ban Reason: Toeing the line with posting magic numbers that lead to porn, after being told not to. Don’t do this again or this will turn into a 1 pointer

Appeal Reason: A joke taken very much out of context. The original joke was me saying “I’m posting boobs”, sending “80085” and deleting it a second or two later. 80085 in this case is the age-old way of writing BOOBS on a calculator.

Chiryn thought I was posting those “magical numbers” that point to porn on certain sites that I shall not be naming but did not tell me that he was thinking that it was what I was doing.

Additional Information:

80085 written on a calculator for reference



Interesting taste.

Jokes aside, i can apreciate that this wasnt you giving out actual porn recomendations considering which number you choose. But if you were told to not do it, then you should verry definitely not have done it and this should probabbly stick for a while.

@Chiryn probabbly has more context tho.
The important bit here to me is that you were told to not do it and did it anyways. Not kewl.

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I edited the warn reason after it was cleared up, however it only went through for us and not for you. I applied the new warn and removed the old one.

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