Licks-the-fruits / sergeantcherry player thread

Last seen gaining hours in cargo and stumbling in medbay. Mainly because i just got finished with finals and got some time to waste.

If you passed by a green lizard on MRP then it propably was me. Constantly trying to improve with the results well… less than satisfying

Played with you in cargo yesterday, seemed cool. Didn’t narc on me so +1 from me

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mean lizard, tried to poison me


tried to poison michiru +1


I used patches and a non lethal dose for a reason. No hard feelings

cool lizard

Feel mildly bad if stubs toes

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Cringe lizard in ic and ooc, cant help it

bumping once and no more because whatever
i should prolly play more as M.U.P.P.E.T. and digs their grave

Was teaching medical skills to an assistant, I approve