Lexen (Joe Butterworth/Francium V/Ignores-The-Job) feedback

Hey, new-ish to beestation (<50h as of the time i write this), but still played enough for me to maybe have left enough of an impression for some feedback. I also play as AA4(borg) and Synapse(AI).

I try my hand at most jobs and departments, but i can quickly get overwhelmed and pick the worst course of action when things get hectic, and my specialty is making ugly, ugly typos from using an AZERTY keyboard.

I’m mostly a MRP guy because i’m still trying to adjust to the new mechanics after a bit of a hiatus and i’m generally not that robust, but you may sometimes see me in LRP, likely getting my ass royally kicked by someone

Cursed af

I can’t say anything about your other roles, but I have seen Synapse the AI before and you do a great job, I look forward to seeing you as your other characters.

My most notable round as Synapse was with multiple other AIs, so i can’t take all the credit for this one i’m afraid