Let's talk about Dynamic!

Sec is also just too nice to deal with the small issues. I don’t think I’ve ever seen minor issues like drug charges be enforced even on shifts with no threats whatsoever.

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This goes back to that nobody wants to give out fines, its more hassle than its worth. Plus nobody really knows how much a fine should be.

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i’ve had a round where i dress up as the most stereotypical drug dealer ever with a fake ID labelling me as “Dr. Ugg Dealer” whilst I sold meth and weed directly next to officers and there was no reaction now matter how hard I prodded them.

Was a little bit of a busy shift but I was hoping there’d be some reaction from them


probably because engaging in anything that lacks mechanical insentives is just mostly larping as drugs and money are mostly cosmetic (sure drugs have effects on you but anyone choosing to use them… outside of the META meth is just doing it for roleplay as they are totaly useless for you and in fact just net detriments to use)

funny how meth is one of the few chemicals sec actually cracks down the chemist over. sometimes. some sec just tune out all drugs alltogether

and i doubt many players want to be that guy who gets all worked over some assistant roleplaying walter white

same can be said with anyone roleplaying anything regarding criminal missapropriation of money. its just monopoly money outside of specific cases and cargo. no one cares

I wish they did because it would allow for more in character conflict. Someone reported you, you got a fine, you don’t get paid enough so you actively try find ways to make your money and pay the fine + now hate a person during the round that you could have rivalry with… or rob their money :slight_smile:

I get why it’s very rarely done because of how fast paced a lot of the action is. It’d still be nice to see it used more tbh

If people want there to be fines, the monetary value will have to be set and not just up for interpretation. I’ve been given fifteen credit fines which at that point why even bother, and I’ve been given five hundred credit fines where unless you are a head you probably can’t pay that off.

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just grind out the arcade machine for 200 cred bananium coins

Another high pop round another Wiz/nukies/rev round… Honestly high pop now feels shit, theres no rp now, everyone just turns into gamers that try and defete the antag at hand. High pop is starting to turn into Terry, just with less slurs.


i disagree 100% lmao
Even back when we had NO antags for months and even when security is bored out of their MINDS nowadays, they still do not prosecute over small stuff like this.
This dynamic bashing is being too much now lol, to the point of blaming it for stuff it’s def not fully responsible for


I mean on one side yeah, Sec never really bothered with those small crimes like ever, that still doesn’t invalidate Tamus point that nowadays it’s even more hard or impossible due to stuff like the example he gave.

Yeah I would love more IC conflict. So and so reported someone for trespassing, so and so was fined / arrested for graffiti, minors crimes, etc. I do fully understand that 9/10 times sec is understaffed and there is a larger threat so I can’t blame them. I just wish it happened a lil bit more and caused more IC roleplay :(((

What if… we had guaranteed greenshifts? Then Security may feel comfortable in harassing the workers for petty stuff. Perhaps if this is limited to low-low pop when gamer antags are the worst.

You can complain about not having time for small crimes or whatever, but like Explodes said even on green shifts they didn’t get dealt with. I think that’s partly because people don’t want to screw up other people’s gimmicks, and because they don’t want to get flamed for being shitsec. Those two points are a lot more relevant than not having time.

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I think it Security knows meta-wise that they are not an antag and no one is (without admemes), then they’ll be more open to being the “antagonists” themselves and be a bit picky within the rules of Space Law, SOP, and the server rules.

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