Lets add booing to clown's sound synthesizer

This is probably the single most important request ever made on this board.

Also, it already has laughter and applause, a booing option would let you turn any situation into a sitcom with ease.

Additionally I would also like to see:
Audience going “Awwwwwww” (like something cute just happened)
Audience going “Ooooooooh” (like something interesting just happened)

I think this suggestion is in line with the spirit of the item, and I can provide the soundfiles or even make the PR if this is something that would get accepted.


we need every single person in discord to all go awww and oooooh at once


This is important and will kill bee if it is not added

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This is probably the best suggestion ever made on this forum.

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I swear to god if this is not added I will smash my computer

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+1 Upboated

Edit : Thanks for the gold kind stranger

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Do it, do it, DO IT RIGHT NOW

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if you get me some a u d i o and make a github issue, I’ll take a look at it

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Got the issue opened https://github.com/BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet/issues/1475 – .zip file with the audio is attached to the issue.

Audio is trimmed and converted to ogg.

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i’ll do it in a bit my guy

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Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

Thank you @Bastian0930

I can’t wait to try this when I get off of work.