Let them eat chocolate!

Nonononono, I’m making a surprise for all the felinids to show how much we enjoy them

mass producing chocolate
Surprise for felinids

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’re either A: Plotting mass murder against felinids, or B: You’re making a giant statue out of chocolate that shows a felinid being murdered by being force fed chocolate.


why not both? I’m making a lot of chocolate nononono it’s completely harmless trust me

Ad the second one please

While you’re at it add a statue made out of plasma depicting a burning ipc, a statue out of snow depicting a lizard and a statue of someone flashing a moth

You forgot this one.

This is a sculpture of a plasma man coming out of cloning. The plasma man is burning. The plasma man is screaming in pain. He is surrounded by twenty medical doctors. They all appear to be confused. The picture appears to demonstrate both tragedy and incompetence.


That one was really funny
You can also have one of made out of glass depicting a squid stuck with glass shards all around him

better Idea for the plasmeme, his naked burning corpse being thrown out an airlock by the CMO because no one wants that shit in their medbay.

Sorry plasmamen, I may or may not do it again.

fucking fire everywhere. what, do you people think I’m made out of surgery ?


Yeah, they really should have A: some spare plasma men suits in medical, and B: some blood bags in security.

Also, humans aren’t exempt from our sculptures of torment.

This painting has the imagine of a human and several cyborgs. The human is in shackles. The silicons glare at him with cold indifference. The human is being taken to the borging machine. A ghostly imagine of an AI is in the background. The imagine seems to display the irony of humanity being destroyed by it’s own creations.

Or silicons, for that matter

This imagine shows a picture of a borg and a wizard. The wizard is laughing sadistically. A wave of electromagnetic energy is flowing from his hand. The borg appears to be sparking. It seems to be on the verge of powering down. It’s single eye is devoid of hope. This image shows an unstoppable force destroying a helpless victim.


REEEEE PLEASE, especially the blood in sec. medical spray is easy to grab an put into the sec medbay and you should do that. more for the officers than prisoners. considering how blood types are a thing, this will just help the game run smoother. Medical staff can get blood from sec if there is a shortage (or if its Halloween). I don’t want to count how many times I’ve watched a plasmaman die because someone stole the plasma tank off his corpse while he was in cloning. nor how many times there just isn’t anyone at engineering to help me get new ones.

this went from felinids inability to process chocolate without fucking dying to how sec has no blood and medbay is bad

technically if you want to get even more memey, chocolate is toxic to basically everything, just that cats and dogs have little to no way of properly bypassing it, and humans do, thus its not “toxic” to us, atleast if I remember the random shit I saw off the internet right

haha sutipd flenided eat choclat


ok seriously they dont actually die, they just fucking instant puke, although injecting it I heard has some worse effects…

I think it’s the same effect, but I think it’s possible to die from malnutrition, so injecting a ton of that stuff into them may cause them to lose consciousness. It will definitely stunlock them for a good deal of time.

Just eat some beans, n1gga.