Leshens Player Report [Unknown CKEY]

In-game report:

CKEY: Leshens

Your Discord:Leshen

Offender’s CKEY:?

Offender’s In-Game Name?

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):14.12.2022

Round Number: 41803

Rules Broken:No Validhunting, Non-sec crew should to flee from combat or dangerous situations.

Incident Description:
Pirates came to station, they arrive at cargo bay. Me(sec off) and QM are trying to negotiate with them.
I needed constantly try to get crewmembers to move away from pirates. They were refusing and wanted to fight with pirates engiborg needed to make a wall in place of door because they got EMPed, moth engineer in hardsiut needed to be thrown out few times until borgo walled the entrance. WHEN we almost finished negotiations. Same moth engineer appeared behind pirates and tried to fight them, got shotgunned. Then HoS ordered assult.
Additional Information:
What was looking like a nice RP moment was fucked up by thirsty valid hunters.
This assault leaded to the death of HoS, and later to Pirates breaching the armoury and killing the rest of the sec.


Pretty clear cut case of normal crew wanting to horizontal valids… unless they were deputized and ordered to help sec deal with a case of 405.

Borg laws were propably crewsimov?

Qm can try to negotiate with pirates to not mess with their operations and so on since they are pretty much the head of cargo (hop is just a paperpusher)

If some random low level employee was trying to negotiate without any authority invested in them then its all non-binding unless heads agree to the terms

Okay and? That’s not your job to fight them as engineer.

Hes qm dude… come on

Okay I’m sorry, I don’t know everyone nick. Sounded like taylor was that stupid moth.

I was the QM. The QM who was negotiating with the pirates. The engineer didn’t say much.

Throwing my hat into the ring here but it seemed like the pirate captain was very horizontal focused too, thinking pirates objective was just to kill the crew. There’d been a few fire fights before this and it was a little tense on both sides so it was kind of inevitable that combat would break out again. Some people didn’t act as well as they could but I don’t think there were any major rule breaks happening.

Sorry again, but actually, pirates shouldn’t pointlessly murder crew. They should steal and take hostages.
And big respect for negotiating since most of the crew wanted to murder them and didn’t think about what normal people do.

I mean, like it is said under rule 2.3

Non-sec crewmember should flee combat, not fight damm pirates. Like, would some random engineer fight armed Somali pirates on a ship? NO, they have security for that. Same hire, leave fighting to sec. If you want to flex your robustness, play sec.

Additionally, I believe we were on blue, so none should make tools of mass murdering.

I believe this was the round where I was playing acting HoS and we had Gary as cap. Why the hell was QM trying to negotiate with the pirates after a direct order from the captain to give the pirates nothing but lasers and lead?

You realise that trying to negotiate when you were directly ordered not to is fail RP as well, right?

Didn’t lead to the death of the acting HoS. Sec pulled out because the number of shots being body blocked by the QM and random crew members milling around meant that there was very little we could do.

Cryo’d after due to irl stuff but damn that was frustrating.

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I was a moth engineer who got kidnapped by the pirates just before this. I can confirm they were murderbony because they RR’d me with the teleport when I tried to RP as their hostage.

Ok so I’ve started looking into it, but the report doesn’t name anyone and is very vague.
I only know that a moth engineer maybe took a central part in this validhunting round and that the pirate captain wasn’t really playing in good spirits?

For anyone reading this who might write reports in the future, please try to pin players or situations in which you think we should look into. Because frankly, I don’t really know where to begin here.


I pinned down the engineer moth in question and their poor behaviour is confirmed by logs, minimal level of effort in how they spoke, and just jumped at the pirates for no real reasons, ruining ongoing RP.

Again, I almost gave up until I managed to find the moment when they were shotgunned to death, please try to bring crucial details like names when writing reports.

Report accepted.