Leon Kleiner Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: WilsonPH

Your Discord: R2D2 From Star Trek

Offender’s CKEY: ImSynthex

Offender’s In-Game Name: Leon Kleiner

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 30-11-2022

Round Number: 41563

Rules Broken: 1 You Must Roleplay, 13 Antagonist Conduct

Incident Description: Lowpop round, detective comes in asking to be promoted to acting HoS. I instead make him into a security officer, then come to the Brig to give him a mindshield implant. He instead kills me and drags me into maints. It’s fine, he’s an antag, AA will be mighty useful. But as I observe him, he continues to wordlessly murder people and barely interacts with the crew. Then he calls the shuttle and emags it as soon as it lands just so he can get the greentext faster.

Additional Information: Given the situation of lowpop with no sec you’d think one would do some interesting situations instead of rushing objectives and removing any opposition.


This is going to be my only reply because I hate forum drama, but this is just a huge cope

Here’s a list of people I/we(me, Carl Baskett and Helium (both also traitors)) killed and why they were killed:

The CE: They were one of Carl’s targets and had AA
An MD: Shot something at me with a syringe gun and tried to rescue the CE
J.O.H.N the roboticist: He was my target
The AI: Had consistently, even after warnings over common, bolted doors and tried crushing us with shutters
The QM/Mime(the mime promoted to QM): Apparently they were a blood brother, but they just ran up to me in the vault and tried to kill me with a baton and fireaxe, before being downed by Carl and Helium
The chaplain: Ran up to Carl and tried to kill him with the detective’s revolver (after being given it by Helium to go get himself killed as a part of Helium’s objectives)

I don’t see what RP we could have done when practically everyone in the round was either a target or validhunter and went SSD/DNR the moment they were killed, not allowing us to borg them

We did also hijack the shuttle, but the only other person on the shuttle was an engineer who clearly had no interest in saving the shuttle


Both the engineer and the MD were BBs, MD likely wanted my body to stay dead and Mime wanted your magboots.
Also it’s not about you hijacking the shuttle, it’s emagging the console to make it leave 10 seconds right after it landed.

And you also could’ve, you know, talked with your targets a bit? Intimidate them or something, not like there was anyone to protect them.

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You can’t intimidate or reason with someone while they’re actively beating you up. You especially can’t reason with validhunters, because they most often hate roleplay.

One, he didn’t talk to the assasination targets at all, no intimidation, no nothing, just click untill horizontal.
Two, the MD and the mime were BBs and they attackes him because of their objectives. The only real icky one is the Chaplain. However, he was the chemist’s assasination target, and the chemist spent a loooong while trying to sweet talk the chaplain to attack the detective and then gave him a gun.

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Okay. What’s the issue? This is how most assassinations play out. Wait for target to enter a room, stun, and click until dead. If you expected anything else, that’s strange.

I don’t see how defending the tot friend is an issue. Traitors are allowed to help each other.

Yeah, you’re right, how stupid of me to expect roleplay on a roleplay server instead of people just chasing that green text.

Also the chaplain wasn’t an antag but got a gun and used it to shoot at the detective, he’s really the only ‘validhunter’ in this story. But, as I said, the chemist needed him dead and egged him on to be a vigilante.


Correct. Observe a normal, typical traitor, and you’ll note how they don’t talk to their targets at all. Beestation is obviously okay with this, otherwise it would be punished. There’s really no point in exchanging words when you have someone right where you want them. Most of the time, your target will use that time you spent monologuing to run and call security. Telling a victim your evil plan before they die is just not practical.

2 month bump, this one was really buried

Manifest logs for this round

[2022-11-30 09:04:48.337] sgtdavevader \ Carl Baskett \ Geneticist \ Traitor \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:04:48.804] drprofmcscience \ Nikita Rutger \ Medical Doctor \ brother \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:04:48.958] wilsonph \ Ceti AD \ Chief Engineer \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:04:49.336] vanotyan \ Mine \ Mime \ brother \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:04:49.925] imsynthex \ Leon Kleiner \ Detective \ Traitor \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:04:50.481] maxie12 \ Max Wells \ Chaplain \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:04:50.933] asssewe \ Helium XCI \ Chemist \ Traitor \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:04:51.606] teruyo \ J.O.H.N \ Roboticist \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:04:52.123] xialnac \ Yog-Sothoth \ AI \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART
[2022-11-30 09:05:46.177] TechKat \ KAYLA-420 \ Research Director \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
[2022-11-30 09:09:54.662] A Tea Cosy \ Drew Thomlinson \ Station Engineer \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
[2022-11-30 09:11:52.349] Mr. YoshiMoto \ Circe Ellis The Great \ Clown \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
[2022-11-30 09:26:02.203] TytoAlba \ Aethria Mediana \ Shaft Miner \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
[2022-11-30 10:02:49.480] Moffball \ Photinus Pyralis \ Shaft Miner \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
[2022-11-30 10:53:39.322] Mighty Mikey \ Mikael Mines \ Security Officer \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

At roundstart, there were 3 traitors and 2 BB pitched against 4 crewmembers, one of them was a head, no seccies.

You can’t get lower pressure than this as antagonist to perform whatever RP or gimmick you wish to pursue. To quote the rules, antags are free to pursue their objectives, they are not obligated by any means. However they exist for the purpose of making the round more fun by acting as the star of the show, they do not exist for the purpose of greentexting.

While the tots didn’t violate any rules explicitely, they still failed to abide by the rule as intended set by antagonist conduct. We don’t punish validhunting and powergaming so antags can easily stomp the crewmembers, we do so as to allow them some breathing room so they can try to make the round interesting and fun. If the antag has room and doesn’t even try, then it’s on them.

When someone is your target, nowhere is it written that you HAVE to silently take them out and stash them in a locker.

Quite litterally anything, I don’t even know if murderbone could have been possible considering how low pop was. The people went SSD or DNR because you acted like a low effort tot, and never expressed any intent, or character motivations that might have fit some form of overarching RP. The only way I could confirm that you tried to borg people was thanks to your partner who threw an MMI at one point, because otherwise it’s only mentionned OOC and here.

Incorrect, reread antagonist conduct. If you witness low effort, NRP antags and decide to replicate it, of course nothing will improve.
No one talked about monologuing with anyone, and again there was no sec, this was a freebie of a round. At least try something, and if the crew reacts badly or doesn’t want to be fun, then they get what they deserve.

However, given this is an issue with the intention of antagonist conduct, and that there were no eggregious rulebreak. I’ll settle with giving feedback to the two tots that I feel like didn’t really try enough to roleplay and make the round fun.
Lowpop can be tough and stressful, but as antag you initially hold all the keys, at least try something.

Report Accepted.