[Lemonlimon] Player Report

   CKEY: Fronsis

   Your Discord: Fronsis

   Offender’s CKEY: ?

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: ?

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/10/|9

   Round Number: 8921

   Rules Broken: Possible grief? 
   Incident Description: So, the confirmed antagonist for this round was a Wizard, while then antagonist were mid ones since he got killed super early however, at round start, no more than 5 minutes in probably even less, i get blown up at AI sat 

( First Death: Good Boy V1, Cyborg, at AI Satellite Antechamber (216, 136, 2). Damage taken: 0/0/0/0/0. ) Eventually i got rescued but, based on all the events the only way i could’ve exploded is either some weird fucking bug, or someone broke in and exploded me, the RD of that round (Queue) was afk at the moment according to his words and he said that when he came back his door was open, door was not emagged, neither hacked open, so it was someone with access possibly. Wizard told me that he didn’t do it and traitors doesn’t matter since they spawned later on and the AI wouldn’t do it ( AI name: beepbot) so overall, no idea what happened and i would like for the logs to be checked

   Additional Information: The only admin that was on at the time was Bastian, HOWEVER he joined late into the round when the incident already occuried and told me he wasn't able to track down in the logs and didn't know why i exploded, talked with the council member Mark about this issue and since we don't have a specific ''bug?'' section we decided to make use of the format of player report to figure out what caused the random explosion of me.

I’ll re-check the logs when I get on my home computer, but if Bastian couldn’t find it it was most likely just a bug.

Either I’m blind or there’s nothing here. Any other Admin can feel free to check logs, but I couldn’t find anything. Closing.

Looks like the RD blew them up.

Line 420: [2019-11-10 04:07:59.771] GAME: Lemonlimon/(Queue) Client Lemonlimon/(Queue) has taken ownership of mob (/mob/living/carbon/human) (Research Director’'s Office (124, 96, 2))
Line 592: [2019-11-10 04:08:14.013] GAME: <span class=‘notice’>Lemonlimon/(Queue) detonated Fronsis/(Good Boy V1)!

Thanks for checking both of you. If i recall correctly RD wasn’t an antagonist and this happen super early on when he said he was ‘‘afk’’ (On the chat log he explained that when i asked him about it) Might be a case of ‘‘lil brother taking pc over’’ or a metagrudge against me (althought i don’t think so) i hope he gets contacted for this since he delayed my round for a lot of time, thanks again.

Edit since post is closed and i need to clarify this: My regular human player is named Morgan Strange and my Borg is always Good Boy V1, so yeah he, like many others, mistakenly took me for the player that plays as Good Boy so, truly a shame, thanks again for helping on this matter.

Seems like metagrudge too. Goodboy is known to murderbone. He’s been upped to a 20 day ban globally, and a 30 day RD ban