Lemonlimon Banned by bastian

CKEY: LemonLimon

Admin’s CKEY: Bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:LRP

Ban Type: Server/Role

Ban Length: 14 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/10/2019

Round ID: 8921

Ban Reason: “Kept reopening ticket about him inhumaning black people.”

Appeal Reason: There is no rule against ahelping. He banned me because his feelings were hurt and he couldn’t accept that no rules were broken. I didn’t kill anyone. I just told the AI that people who weren’t of light complexion were not human, with the reason being that I was playing a racist catgirl. Admins didn’t do anything when I was being crushed by a racist HoP who didn’t like catgirls, nearly killing me and ultimately resulting in my death, so there’s no reason this one should ban me for telling the AI to be racist with me.

Additional Information:

This admin just flat rolebanned me from all head roles because his feelings were hurt. There is literally no rule on what you’re allowed to program into the AI. I shouldn’t be banned over something that wasn’t in the rules.

Rule 5.
5. Ahelp and Ticket Conduct

Showing respect and patience with admins has proven to make them more lenient.

An admins ruling on a issue is final for that round. Do not try to bring it up again.

as in; you changed AI laws for that?

Which is, like, common sense not to do that?

And like, the RP reason is not an excuse to be a dick? Not only because it’s a LOW Roleplay server, but because it’s griefing.

If you had done that as an antag, sure, you get a pass.
But not as a non-antag.

Common sense: Exists.
No self antagging/griefing: Exists

I really question if you read them now.

No. You deserve this for all the reasons rue said.

Thanks for responding Rue! Maybe next time your response can actually address the situation. Telling him to suck a dick isn’t bringing it back up in the round. Him threatening to increase my ban for saying I broke no rules was reason enough to tell you to suck a dick. There is, again, no rule on what laws you can give the AI. I checked multiple times before I added any rules, since I know he has personal issues with me for some reason and didn’t want to do anything remotely against the rules while he was online.

ah, good to know you guys literally ignore everything i said about my reasoning just because it hurt your feelings and wasn’t against the rules.

You can always ahelp and ask about it.

It is being rude. Rule 1. Be excellent to each other, also known as Don’t Be A Dick.

And you telling him to suck a dick is not going to help ya.

I kind of took my time to write off his reasoning and mine. I’m surprised it was only a 2 weeks long one.

Bass can close this appeal if he wants. This ain’t going nowhere. No arguments to be had. Only salt.

It was two weeks because the role ban was 2 weeks. Closing

I know this thread is closed, you being nasty towards Admins really wont get you anywhere.

He literally refuted all your claims though. Adding a law that makes black people non-human because of “my character is racist” is the same thing as murderboning because “muh character is insane XDDD.”
Feel free to suck as much black dick as you want in your 2 weeks away.
Bye bye!

This was already closed and resolved for a reason.