Lemonlimon banned by azlanonpc for being antag in an antag round

CKEY: lemonlimon

Admin’s CKEY: azlanonpc

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: sage

Ban Type: the fuck does this mean?

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 01/03/2020

Round ID: 9522

Ban Reason: “welderbombed the shuttle and shot people using telekinesis power before roundend”

Appeal Reason: it’s kinda stupid to ban an antag for trying to kill their target before the round ended, i should never have been banned in the first place.

Additional Information: i was a fucking blood brother and the person i tried to kill on the shuttle was one of my targets. this admin banned me after roundend, where he could clearly see that i was an antag. he did absolutely no investigating. he did not ask me what happened. he just banned me, for trying to fulfill my objective in a round where i was antag

Most admins will ban you if you disconnect before bwoink to force an appeal. Not checking antag is dumb though- even though we may not look at roundend report, the player search panel shows if you are an antag, as does combo hud

i left because the round had ended and i’d been ejected from the shuttle, it was 2am here and i was not planning on playing another round. the roundend report was there, it listed both myself and my target as blood brothers who were both targeting each other. it would have been literally no effort to just look at that screen and see i was an antag.

didnt have the combo HUD on at that time, for whatever reason, unbanning.

imagine not having that on bruhh

Admins tend to have it off unless they need it to minimise potentially accidentally meta’ing stuff while ghosted to deal with a ticket. I’ve also heard of them offering their body to ghosts and the new controller also having the HUD because they forgot to turn it off first.

Moccha metagamed me with this. Her and I were mad at each other a month ago, I was an antag about to greentext on shuttle, she stuns and cuffs me takes me to brig.

“Why are you arresting me?”

“Random search”

Didn’t see her all shift. She wasn’t sec. She also suicided roundstart on nukie round before war was declared.

Unironically a bad admin.