Legio17 banned by wilsonph

Legio17 24h ban, Rule 1 You Must Roleplay
CKEY: Legio17

Admin’s CKEY: wilsonph

Server: All

Ban Type: temporary

Ban Length: 24hours

Ban Date: 2023-05-13 16:51:10
Expire Date: 2023-05-14 16:51:10

Round ID: 44017

Ban Reason: Rule 1 You Must Roleplay, Rule 3 Do Your Job. As a Scientist, completelly ignored the Roboticist stationed in Robotics and walked inside to take some of their gear, did not bother asking at all.

Appeal Reason:

I am writing to appeal the ban imposed on my account in relation to an incident during gameplay. I tried to write you whole story, but server got restarted before I could finish, so I’m writing here instead.

From my point of view I was only doing my job. While attempting to fulfill my in-game responsibilities as a Xenobiologist on Meta Station, I encountered a situation where a BZ canister was unavailable. To address this issue, I wanted to construct mirror pens in the Xeno lab to separate slimes by color.

During the construction process, I proceeded to the robotics area with extended access, obtained a toolbelt, and made my way to the science hallway. Unexpectedly, I was charged from behind by a fellow player, a robotist, who pushed me against a door and flashed me without any prior warning or communication. Startled and disoriented, I reacted with anger, shouting at the robotist for their sudden attack. I’m sorry for noticing them, but they also could ask me normally to return spare belt and not just overescalate on me and start communication after that.

To be completely honest I think whole 30 second situation should had been resolved in-game and not via admin report.

You did not bother to see if the roboticist was there, or radio/PDA them if it was okay to take their equipment.

You were far from the first person that wordlessly walked into Robotics and stole stuff from them, at that point their anger was justified.

Not to mention how you grabbed Insuls later on, and filled your toolbelt with every basic engineering tool.

I understand that I should have taken the time to check if the roboticist was present or to communicate with them beforehand regarding the toolbelt. However, I believe it’s important to consider the situation from my perspective as well. This ban feels like it is really enforcing some heavy-role-play, which is nice but not mandatory. If I remember correctly we are MRP station.

Those insuls I bought from vendor, but that was like hour after that, when station looked more like swish cheese from meteors and Catharines bombs.

We are not, we are simply a “Roleplay” server.
And “Do your job” is one of the core rules.

Its goal is to encourage people to interact with each other when they want something done.

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Okay, I do see your point regarding me ignoring Rule 3. I suppose I simply became too focused and rushed unnecessarily. I’ll make an effort to be more perceptive in the future. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

Then are you fine with me denying the appeal?

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Sure, go ahead.

Alright, appeal denied.