Leestriter ban appeal


Admin’s CKEY:dallen9

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:All

**Which server did the ban happen on?LRP

Ban Type:server and job

Ban Length:job one month, server 10 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-06-23 06:02

Round ID:17572

Ban Reason:As botanist, threw a bunch of amantin poison slipping leaves in the halls. Killed a few people, and directly attacked another with one. Lied saying the other botanist added poison, later admitted and apolagized.

**Appeal Reason:I think this is too long a ban and doesn’t need to be both servers. I did not lie as he said, me and the other botanist had both made slipping tobacco leaves, and the admin said that the leaves he was talking about were one use(the other guy had liquid contents and I didnt) and that they killed instantly in one hit(not how amantin works), so I said I didn’t think it was me from that description. He asked if mine had toxin as well and I said yes, he said I was the one he was looking for, I apologized then was banned. I put a couple of them in engineering, I didnt cover the ship or anything. I did hit a guy with one after he’d been screwing with me. I understand a ban, but this seems pretty long for LRP. Just wanna note I did not lie, the description I was given didnt fit the plant I had made so I said that, I was upfront with him about it being toxic but he asked if I’d made one that cause instant death on contact which I didn’t **

Additional Information:

Seems both of you made it together, but only you spread them in the halls, killing people. 5 people died from 200 toxin damage.


Those are the relevant logs, too big for here. search “details” for breaks. if someone who knows botany can decipher any more details.

The other botanist had slippery tobacco leaves with 20% nutriment trait. Either from pumpkins or watermelons.
Relevant line: 633: [2020-06-23 05:24:40.167] ATTACK: SupersJump/(Yoko Kurama) has transferred reagents (/datum/reagent/consumable/nutriment (21u)) from the tobacco leaves to [beaker] (Hydroponics (134, 115, 2))
There are no other reagents in it.

I have not found any mention of transfer of toxic reagents in those logs (by that I mean, any non-botanical toxins, of course).

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All bans on Golden are translated to MRP bans except in rare cases that haven’t actually happened yet. If you can’t follow lax self-antag rules, why should we expect you can follow much stricter rules across the board?

Because LRP is generally for letting lose and playing more lax, if I want a more focused less chaotic game I do MRP. LRP I can test things out and let loose a bit. I’m honestly getting confused as to what makes the LRP rules so “lax”.

The fact that you can kill people for relatively little reason, and the rather high level of dickery which you can do for no reason.

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I still see this ban as completely valid.

It wasn’t an accident, and killed 5 people.