Leads-The-Charge kept initiating arrests as the detective

CKEY: CrackRocks

Your Discord: Crack

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Leads-The-Charge

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/14/21

Round Number: 31335

Rules Broken: Valid Hunting, Broke SOP

Incident Description: Entire shift, Leads-The-Charge was acting as a defacto security officer. Tried to arrest me numerous times, first time for literally throwing a pie at someone. They finally succeeding arresting me on the shuttle. Detectives are supposed to report crimes to security, not directly attack and detain criminals, it is against SOP. At no point did I attack the detective, so at no point was this self defense.

Were there any sec officers during the shift? If sec has none, SOP does allow the detective to perform arrests if needed.

Okay I can’t resist making a peanut on this one.
At least they lived up to their name

Ravencorp already asked the important question: whether or not other sec is even available


I wasn’t going to say it…

There was plenty of sec officers, including a HOS. Even if there wasn’t that doesn’t give the detective authority to arrest people, especially for things like throwing a pie.

If detective is the only member of security they are almost automatically the HoS by process of elimination. All they really need to do is ask the authority of the station.

At bare minimum a detective with no officers to report to is allowed to take matters into their own hands.

Similar holds true in other departments: Doctors should rely on chemists, but if none exist they are not completely barred from creating their own meds.

Fair enough, I double checked the SOP, but there was a HOS, a Warden and a full cadre of Sec Officers on duty that shift.

Sorry to ask but are you sure you only “throwed a pie” at someone, and not else? like verbal threat or something? just for clarification before the log come

Last time i was brig phys, leads was an officer that shift, and he reluctantly become acting hos after i forced him to(The cryoed warden left his gear to me) and he didnt strike me as someone who like doing things outside his job desc(without reason of course)

A huge reason for these issues showing up with detectives in particular is that many players are just unaware of the limitations of the detective role compared to the rest of security, simply because they haven’t read the finer print sage rules.

I doubt many of these cases actually stem from malicious intent, but just arise from basic ignorance, which of course is not a proper excuse but at least explains why it keeps happening from otherwise sensible players.

No, just silently went up to someone he was talking to, threw a pie, and then tried to leave. He started hitting me with his police baton, over and over, but I managed to escape.

He then saw me on the shuttle, hit me repeatedly with his police baton, dragged me into the brig area of the shuttle, and cuffed me.

This is peanut posting – doesn’t matter if he played well with others on a different shift, he didn’t follow the rules this shift.

I informed him as he was arresting me that Detectives are not allowed to make arrests and he just told me to “seethe” – so I’m 100% sure he was well aware of what he was doing.

Can you elaborate on this part as well @Crack

What were you doing/had you done potentially?

I needed an extra slot in my inventory so I threw a pie at a random person (as clowns normally do) – then the detective became hyper aggressive immediately after and started hitting me repeatedly with a police baton, but I managed to juke em out and escape em.

He then later got me in the shuttle and brigged me.

Relevant bits from the SOP that were violated:

He performed an arrest, including dragging to brig and cuffing.

At no point was I a physical threat to the detective

Even if I did commit any crimes, SOP still prohibits detective from responding

Poor detective behavior will persist unless it’s cracked down on. This happens almost every shift to someone.

What were you doing on the shuttle though? Just chilling? Throwing more pies?

I was trying to finish my objective as an antag, and I had a circular saw in my hand. I attacked a cyborg with it trying to get to a body that I had to get rid of, that the borg was trying to bring back to life. I am not 100% sure if detective saw this or not, I believe he came into the room after I attacked the cyborg. I also had an active warrant for my arrest because the warden forgot to clear it from earlier in the shift.

Regardless, there was plenty of sec officers on the shuttle who could have done this, including HOS + Warden.

The detective breached SOP numerous times during the shift.

None of this should matter, he breached SOP – he did try to arrest me for throwing pies earlier in the shift.

Detective is not a sec officers, there are clearly defined standards and operating procedure which the detective should follow, and instead they completely ignored it.

Describe each situation in detail if there’s more than the two you have already brought up.

  1. attempted arrest because you pied someone
  2. attempted arrest while you actively disrupted medical care

At one point, I was also detained by sec officers, who searched me and let me go. I believe the detective also participated in that search by looking through my bag – but I could be wrong on this one, because Nukies attacked the armory at this point, and it got a bit chaotic.

It did seem like the detective was acting like a defacto officer at this point and worked in tandem with security team to perform security related tasks – tasks that were outside the scope of being a detective, because by the end of the shift he was geared out in full security battle rattle.

Alright, I had already pulled the logs and spoken to the reported player but I’m satisfied you have nothing else important to add.

They tried to arrest you exactly once, while you were an actively hostile threat right in front of them and several other people on the emergency shuttle. They didn’t even have cuffs on them.

The earlier time when you pied someone, there was no attempt to arrest - they tripped you and non-harmfully police batonned you a couple of times. They did not pursue you after you left and even told you not to prank if you aren’t ready to be pranked back. No harm occurred.

No other time in this entire round did this player even come close to making direct contact with you. Perhaps some verbal exchanges, but certainly not arrests

“Context doesn’t matter, everything is black and white”

The player did breach SOP in the moment, but not in any substantial way. SOP is not a strict rule for anyone outside of heads of staff being expected to enforce them.

It is not an infrequent occurrence for you to omit your own part in conflicts while pushing very hard for punishment on the other person.

It is VERY relevant that you were aggressively attacking someone in a public space, preventing critical medical treatment… and yet you framed it in the thread like the only thing had done all round was thrown a pie until I forced the full story out of you.

It’s a massive waste of our time when you give partial information on a conflict, and when you’re intentionally misleading its substantially worse than that.

This has happened more than once before abd you are going to be the one banned if it happens again

Forgot a bit in that:

I most notably saw they never attempted any other arrests either. They dutifully did their job as detective and passed on information to sec.

They were responsible for your bag search explicitly because they relayed that your prints were all over the CMO office break-in.