Le_Leto Permanently Appearance Banned by Admin Not_a_Shark

Title: Le_Leto Permanently Appearance Banned by Admin Not_a_Shark

CKEY: Le_Leto

Admin’s CKEY: Not_a_Shark

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: I don’t know. Go banned on Sage

Ban Type: Appearance

Ban Length: Infinite

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 22.07.13

Round ID: 39240

Ban Reason: “Told to get a none refrence meme name, keep giivng refrence/meme names. please appeal this on the forums”

Appeal Reason: Excessive force for some tomfoolery and, in my opinion, acceptable enough names.

Well hello everyone,
I was on security duty with a brand new name ; Gus AAMON.
Thought the name was believable enough to be funny, rememberable and yet natural.
Someone reported me for this (asking myself why people are reporting names instead of paying attention to a dragon destroying their department…) and admin messaged me.

Here are the names I “dared” give :

Heis Bergen : If I didn’t come up with this on the spot, I’d be ashamed. God it sounds so natural. Albeit, for a Breaking Bad fanatic, it wouldn’t be it.
I then tried Ted Nandlers : Alright. I’ll give you that one. But I had to put in Flanders before actually trying.

Not_a_Shark was vaguely declining my names, despite me asking to precisely know how much of a transformation would I need to do…
The admin also never explicitely told me to give a “none reference” name, but I guess I’m playing on words here… It could use some more professionalism !

I then got to the realisation that I won’t get away with a simple Ted Nandlers ; I had to put in more work.

Frank Shredded : … You’re on your way to brig, and see an officer. His name is Frank Shredded. Do your eyes pop out of their socket, bleeding profusely as you can NOT even fathom the idea of a name sharing 6 letters with a known character ? You HAD to have thought about it for more than a second to understand… If it wasn’t in an Admin PM’s context, who would think to report this (because that’s what brings attention to the names… I’ve had Gus for several shifts) ?

And when this was rejected… (“hah no” was the detailled answer helping me forward with this), I thought about Gaaron Assman.
That’s a no brainer, and for the record of trying to get myself out of this, I will try and make you believe I doubled tapped the S for Gaaron Asman (be gullible !).

I think it was just late for everyone here and the pressuring, long shift had Not_a_Shark on hot nerves…
But I have a way for us out of this.

Gus Hammond.

(It exists. Perhaps am I even doxxing myself here. I might be one of the 5 Gus Hammond alive…)

Whoever hears the sacred phrase when reading “Gus HAMMOND” is too far down the rabbit hole, and I don’t think their sanity will hold any other name.

I’d also, and foremost, would like to be unbanned because when randomizing my first character in a dozen months here, the name was Justice Goodman. And I will die before losing such a gift from the Gods !

Don’t be so jumpy… I’m nice with admins. I’m just giving them the mildly hard time I give to everyone…
Just wanted to post this appeal before heading to bed.


Yours Truly,

Honestly, I would have given you more than just an appearance ban for screwing around in the ticket. That is explicitly against the rules and you’re lucky they were nice and didn’t add a server ban on top.

I think that this should be denied. Don’t be difficult with the staff that are trying to handle your tickets.


Here’s the related rule :

Use a lore-friendly name, and follow Naming Guidelines for your species.
Do not use the names of famous real/fictional people/characters.
Obvious or heavy references are also not allowed.
Clowns, mimes, and wizards are permitted to have meme/unusual names, but admin discretion still applies.

Gus Hammond isn’t using the name of any character. It’s also debatably not obvious, nor heavy.
And people are named Gus Hammond in the US, as I’ve already shown. It’s not like I’m naming him Among Us the Video Game ™.

And the other names I proposed, but for 1 or 2 of them, are based on, not using the characters’ names. Again, if I used them. I at least told the admin beforehand. That’s a real proof of wanting it to happen in his own subjective range of what is obvious or not.

For the ticket “difficulties” I’m giving. Well… I totally understand the concept.
Although I don’t agree ; the attempts were genuine and I said I would change the name in the case I were to find one.
It’s more of a shared discussion about something : I need to change the name, but I want to keep an interesting one and propose some to settle the case.

I’m just talking to the admins like I’d do with people ! Admins are humans… right ?
What am I supposed to do ? Answer to them like automatic chat bots on amazon ?

Admin: Backup name ?
Me : Let’s see the most common american name… James Robert ?
Admin: Your answer has been considered…
Admin: Thank you user [\name here] ! Your name has been changed… You are awarded 15 social credit points

Even if I was obligated to… Don’t count on me.

I’m not “jerking around”…
It looks like you had your fair share of idiots telling you they did nothing wrong and their brother “just took the keyboard” to type nazi stuff… And I’m not one of them.
I was wrong for using Gus Aamon and never thought I’d be right. It was just a fun gimmick towards a proper name, albeit still a reference.
Everything can be a reference… What if I name my character Ted Keroz to reference Ted Cruz ? Ned Keroz ? How far does it go ?

I would also argue it’s a different issue. You’re the boss here to give me a server ban… I’d just like to talk about the appearance ban more.

Le Leto

I would like to point out that you very much admitted to go against our naming conventions.
In adition, the tickets reflect that you where uncoperative in the ticket.

The only thing we need is for you to give us a proper name for the character/race you intent to play.

Please be serious, any more meme/refrence names might result in a denial of the apeal.

Thank you.

Please submit a acceptable name, thats all that is needed to lift this ban. thank you


Justifiable punishment at the time. You don’t have to talk to us like we’re chat bots, but if you’re making it clear that you’re just wasting our time then don’t expect us to feed into it. None of the names you provided in the ticket were sensible alternatives.

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Alright, this is abadoned by the author

Appeal Rejected