Law/Rules regarding cuff resistant criminals, admins?

It seems certain players have found a way to exploit and powergame oozelings, damaging themselves to loose an arm roundstart to prevent being cuffed. Unless I’m missing some character creation option, it seems to be deliberate no-rp self mutilation only to prevent cuffs working.

How to handle arrests of people that resist being cuffed, in accordance to server rules/space law?

Freedom implants count for this too. Changeling restrains melting is pretty obvious with acid pool, meaning lethals are employed and law is clear. Use of repeated stuns is not viable, as this does not allow any reasonable means of moving the person. Lethal force seems to be the only viable method, crit until movement stops during drag.

I think chain-flashing while dragging them should work perfectly fine
When we’re at the dragging to sec stage already, that means you already got em stunned, yea? So even if they have sunglasses you can just strip them.

We can absolutely have a conversation about if that is viable or not though, not meant to be a rock.hard judgement yet.

For the record, once it becomes actualy impossible to stun them or otherwise use non lethal means - that case is already coverd under the “Use of deadly force” section:

  • Non-Lethal Weapons Ineffective - certain targets are impervious to NLWs, such as Mechs, Xenomorphs, Borgs, and Hulks. Lethal force may be used against these targets if they prove hostile.

oh and obviously if this is the case its a violation of rule one - you HAVE to roleplay (and rule two - no powergaming, if non-antag)

Just beat them into crit.

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He’s probably talking about me. I play either a one armed oozeling Janitor or Mime (Stumpy, get the gimmick?). Other roles too like the Clown Butterdog, but it’s not really Butterdog’s thing so I rarely do it on them. It is an RP thing for me for the Janitor and Mime, rather attached to the characters at this point.

I also always late join so I rarely get traitor, but yesterday I ended up getting hypnoflashed and had a merry slap fest with like half of sec where it took 4 of them several minutes to figure out they needed to either chain stun or chain flash me.

I didn’t even think about the fact that having one arm would make me cuff immune, they did eventually just chain flash me. You can do a ruling if you want, but I’ll be really sad because I’m attached to the gimmick.

Intent is what matters. If theres actualy a gimick and roleplay attached to it, and not just “cut it off for no cufffs lole”
then thats fine

preferably you still wouldnt cut yo own arm off, makes no IC sense - but since we dont have Character options to do things like that in our charcter settings, i guess thats okay since theres no other way to do that character otherwise.

Honestly it’d be neat if we had configurable prothetics/mutilation like bay does, though im not sure if the playerbase would be ready for that

Yeah I wish there was a character option for it. I could always switch to a leg but I’m already really slow with the Janitor Backpack and that’d make it worse. Also not having shoes would be awful.

One thing I will do is adjust to never do the gimmick on any other characters. I occasionally also do the “need a hand, hands them my arm” gimmick on Butterdog but I’ll just save it for my Janitor nerd.

(edit: I will point out, that sec team didn’t… actually fix the hypnoflash when they got us. They just mindshielded us which doesn’t fix the trauma. There were a variety of issues going on in security that round).

Now here’s the thing, your stun runs out quite fast as you’re dragging them and are slowed down by them being stunned (it’s much slower to drag downed people than upright cuffed people). Yet you’re still quite far from brig. It does not seem to be covered under Non-Lethal weapons ineffective as it’s written, since the non-lethal weapons ARE effective, just you don’t have enough of them on you.

Ideally, cuffs would be coded to work on one armed humanoids. Cuffing the arm to one leg.

Can you explain how you roleplay the fact that oozelings can regenerate limbs at will? Isn’t that the whole idea behind doing this as an oozeling, since it’s not actually a detriment and can be fixed at any point?

Why does anyone roleplay as anything? I just like stumping around the station as a 1 armed janitor, slowly collecting tools or neat things to throw in tool storage. Or playing as Stumpy miming *me claps… somehow?

Oozelings are supposed to be degraded slimes, it’s not outside the realm of possibility their regen doesn’t work right. I leave the arm off even when it would make sense to grow it back, and sometimes I go further and do the the legs so I can make jokes about something costing an arm and a leg, so I can rocket around on a wheelchair with a fire extinguisher, or sometimes play as a snail.

I mean, this to me is a pretty silly thing to complain about when half the rounds I’m an antag kill target everyone (from the chemist, to assistants, to the bartender) somehow magically knows how to make insta-gib meth grenades. Not a lot of RP when I get double barreled by the bartender and meth dropped on my body with nary a word.


I don’t really believe you that this is a roleplay choice. I can only point out how it’s abused. If you wanted to be handicapped, there’s already a trait for that that disables your legs.

being wheelchair bound and missing an arm offer wildly different gameplay and roleplay opportunities. Honestly starting with a missing arm should be an option through quirks.


Hilariously, if I wanted to powergame I’d take prosthetic limb, wheelchair bound, and a bunch of positive stuff (fast table climb, positive mood, whatever). Cut the broken limbs off and immediately regen them. Bam, back to full functionality with positive quirks for free.

I ended up doing this in exactly one round to see if it worked, but it’s so dumb I have no interest in using it in the future (I take multilingual and either smoker or nearsighted on most of my people because it makes for interesting opportunities to communication with players you might otherwise not be able to, like getting Xeno speech and riding home on the shuttle with the infestation one time on Acacia).

lings are just kos iirc, so you can jut them out with lethal force on demand
freedom implants go under the “this guy has an implant, so an implant search can take place” part of things (assuming you can stun him long enough for the implant to be removed - pack batons or chems)
missing arms feels like a thing to pack spare prosthetics for though, and not worthy of a drastic measure

You gonna be put into crit by a harm baton if you repeatedly attempt to resist an arrest by using this shitty trick.

  • Non-Lethal Weapons Ineffective - certain targets are impervious to NLWs, such as Mechs, Xenomorphs, Borgs, and Hulks. Lethal force may be used against these targets if they prove hostile.

I mean, that’s fine? That to me is the obvious escalation path, I wouldn’t bitch about that. I was surprised they DIDN’T do that honestly (the grand total of one time it’s come up and been relevant). I’m guessing they didn’t because they had figured out we were hypnoed.

I’d rather deal with a nerd with one arm than some adrenal or meth head running at mach speed you can’t click on to save your life.


This and a host of other problems are solved by Tasers. Its not that hard to just put them back in.

Yes its unpopular but idc.

Unlike your arm.

20 characters


Technically you can leg-cuff with shoes, they wont run away anywhere with those.

Arm to the leg? That seems physically impossible if you want any chance of them actually being capable of walking after their arrest.

Nah, we gotta ring in the ol’ neckbar


The bola is a thing that exists.