Law Interpretation

Ok so just recently I was playing on the mrp server as AI and I had a blast playing with people and helping them pretty stress free. So I hop on the lrp server to see how it is and it was a NIGHTMARE. It was gangs and I was over burdened left and right open door, human harm in medbay, just kill them AI, and so on and so forth. So my question is what should I do in cases where I’m not certain who is the person in the right. Like if I see people killing a person in medbay should I lock the doors and if I do what should I do if I trap a innocent person. I can’t let them die, but in doing so I’m letting dangerous people out and I know that I should prioritize immediate harm rather than later potential harm. I’m just at a loss.

for the trapping innocents bit, just be really quick about bolting the door after the innocent escapes said room full of murder person

That’s human harm, bolt them in and don’t let them out until sec shows up. It doesn’t matter if they were beating a nuke op covered in very human harming guns, or a wizard who just disintegrated 6 people, it’s human harm.

Current harm always matters more than future harm.
If you have to choose between letting a person out of a room with a murderer, or keeping both bolted inside for sec, you let the person out, even if sec gets angry. Then what Neo said, really try to keep the murderer in, but if you can’t then you have to let the person.

That’s why an AIs laws should be changed when shit starts goin’ down, so that they don’t actively work against sec.

Yea sec that round was like kill them AI and I was like I can’t because laws. They wouldn’t change my laws for the binary life of me.

Another thing, AI default laws on MRP are different, instead of asimov of human beings, its crewsimov, or asimov with crew members instead, which is great in nuke ops rounds except they never happen on MRP cause MRP is low pop most of the time, which this lawset allows you to effectively onehuman the AI without EVER touching the laws itself if your smart enough.

ah yes i am the only member of the crew… how? well i simply deleted everyone else.