Lavaland Syndicate Tips and Tricks

Just wanted to hear some tips and different tricks on being a comms agent/scientist.

I mostly just need to hone my own skills beyond annoying at least and helpful to other syndicate agents at most (though I did get a robotist arrested for making 5 giga’s through a PDA message pretending to be the RD). That and I’ve forgotten how people typically manage to launch their bee-disease monkies off the station to potentially infect the miners.

my advice is to cause minor grievances. the moment you make a major fuss people will figure out what’s up. you also always want to leave a culprit “I saw this person do X” can be made far more effective if you do “this person told me this other person is doing X”. Just make sure the other person doesn’t have the appropriate comms so it’s justifiable, ie say “assistant told me-” in sec channel.

also, things that always fuck the crew up: vines, cult and abductors. all of those have no assosciated alerts so telling crew to chase after it tends to work.

I looked into crew manifest in comms agent desk, found a security officer, named myself his name and told security “I” was getting attacked in arrivals, 3 security officers flocked into space while traitor was stealing SM piece, officer getting attacked is the easiest bait.

make sure to call on syndicate channel every once awhile to make sure you are available to traitors on the station.

You are the most helpful when assisting nukies.

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What kind of lame security team would arrest you for that? If I was Hos Id give every member of sec their own personal gygax and you a medal.

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